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I do like drawing and creating visual stories. They come with their own style, challenges and unique benefits and it's a lot of fun. Here's some pieces I've done.
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Enduring Love. I wrote/drew this one, years ago, for the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition. Sadly, it didn’t get shortlisted but I’m still pleased with it and its message. I am a romantic at heart and it definitely shows in this story. An ex-girlfriend of mine read it and burst into tears at the end, which is not a bad result for a four-page story!
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The Great Secret. This is a full-length graphic novel, which took a LONG time to create but it did give me a chance to improve my illustration skills. As I was getting better as I went along, the quality of artwork is patchy but a lot of it, I think, still looks good. I'm very pleased I did it as I've always wanted to create my own graphic novel.

In the story, a young man is drawn into a mystery that takes him to Egypt, where he discovers that the official story of our most ancient of civilisations is seriously wrong. The novel is available on Kindle and iBooks.
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The Serial Samaritan was my 2017 entry to the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story Competition (the winner can be seen here). Alas, my story wasn’t shortlisted but I’m still pleased I did it.

It’s a satire based on the idea that a well-organised, pragmatic, amoral society can look indistinguishable from a supposedly moral one. The twist in the story is that in such a society, someone carrying out selfless acts will look demented, sick, dangerous and revolutionary. Because they're at odds with an amoral society, they can be a great hero and anti-hero at the same time. I think the idea is particularly relevant in our current Western society, but to some extent it's always been a relevant idea.
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Trow is about two kids who end up being sucked into an alternate realm when their school science project goes horribly wrong. The fun twist to this story is that items from the real world (smartphones, bicycles, cars) take on magical qualities when they go into the the alternate realm. I did submit it to Phoenix Comic, the UK weekly comic for kids, a month, but I've had no reply so I'm guessing they're not interested. I've only drawn the first episode but I thought I'd stick it here so people can see it.