'Unearthly Disclosures' by Timothy Good book review

Unearthly Disclosures by Timothy Good is all about UFOs and visiting aliens. I liked it. Timothy Good seems to know his stuff; he writes very well and he seems to have several high-up contacts in the US military and other relevant organisations. The fact that the book has a forward from Lord Hill-Norton, ex-Chief of the UK defence staff and chairman of NATO, shows that Good is respected in some influential circles.

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The best part, I think, of ‘Unearthly Disclosures’ is that the author does not seem to be working on behalf of the establishment. In my recent review of ‘Encounter in Rendlesham Forest’ by Tim Pope, I commented that Pope, who is ex-MoD, seems earnest and thorough but also seems to be giving a filtered version of what happened. It’s interesting to note that in Good's latest(ish) book 'Earth, an alien enterprise', he reports that Pope confessed in recent years that he worked in a government unit set up deliberately to rubbish the whole subject of UFOs. Pope did say ‘sorry’ but the damage was done. In comparison, I can find no indication that Good is distorting or covering up anything in this book, which is both refreshing and encouraging.

For me, there were two major areas of interest in 'Unearthly Disclosures'; the technology of UFOs and the messages of aliens regarding the current state and future of human-kind.

First off, the technology. For anyone interested in UFO technology, I would definitely recommend that they read ‘Unconventional Flying Objects’ by Paul Hill, which I’ve recently reviewed. Hill’s book is an excellent analysis of how UFOs may work, based on a scientific investigation of reports of UFO behaviour. Hill makes it clear that if the reports are correct, the UFOs are very likely to be using some kind of matter repulsion field, one that is cyclic with a high-frequency operation, that points down from the ship but also acts on or ‘anchors to’ everything in the ship equally, enabling UFOs to perform such incredible accelerations without mulching their occupants. This field, Hill surmises, may be gravity-related. The UFO occupants also seem to be creating a plasma field around their ship, along with the excitation of atmospheric nuclei producing x-ray to gamma radiation. Hill admits that it is impossible for him to conclude what sort of drive is producing these phenomena; he can only deduce the drive’s effect, rather than its workings.

Good's book, 'Unearthly Disclosures', fortunately, includes several description of actual UFO drives, either from military investigators off the record or from the testimony of ordinary people who’ve encountered aliens in a UFO and talked to them about their ship. Not surprisingly, the military descriptions are easier to believe. Here is one description on page 262:

‘Examination of instruments and devices found aboard these disks showed that they are propelled by an extremely powerful electromagnetic field. Evidence shows that it is a rotating and oscillating high-voltage electromagnetic field. Such a kind of field obviously produces some type of gravity effect not yet understood.’

This description matches Hill’s conclusions. It also matches the possibility, supported by Dr Tom Valone, that a very high-voltage electromagnetic, spherical plasma field may be able to reduce the inertial mass of everything inside the sphere. It is also connects with the idea that a ship can travel faster than light by isolating itself within an energy bubble and then compressing space-time before the ship while expanding it behind, thus moving through space-time without suffering relativistic effects. I personally have the view that high-voltage plasma spheres do reduce the inertial mass of everything within them; this is why stars orbit the centre of their galaxies faster than would be expected if the Equivalence Principle was true. This anomalously high speed is the basis for the belief that dark matter exists. In fact, I think there is no such thing as dark matter because the Equivalence Principle assumption itself is wrong, which would also explain why no one has actually been able to detect dark matter, because it doesn’t exist!

It’s clear from the military officer’s description in Good's book that he and his colleagues did not truly understand the technology they were looking at. This is understandable as any technology that is advanced enough will seem magical, as Arthur C. Clarke once wisely stated, and also indecipherable. This problem may be made worse because of the fact that at the moment, our civilian scientists are officially materialists, in other words they believe and keep telling us that our minds cannot influence physical reality. As I’ve explained in my book ‘How science shows...’, I think the opposite is true; our minds create reality. This view was also stated by many brilliant physicists before the Second World War but since then, it has been squashed as an idea even thought it is able to explain significant anomalies in modern physics. In truth, the belief that only physical things exist is a recent and anomalous human idea. Instead, the capacity of the mind for influencing reality was regarded as fact by many societies in human history and was the default view from our earliest times. More recently, for example, as explained in Alexandra David-Neil’s book ‘Magic and Mystery in Tibet’, the revered elders of that Himalayan country were adamant that there was effectively no limit to the ability of a trained mind to influence reality.

It’s also worth noting that the idea of ‘mind influencing reality’ might be heretical in civilian science but there is ample evidence that the military have been happily developing it as a reconnaissance technique and as a method of control/actuation. The aliens, it seems, are not hindered by erroneous scientific dogma. Good’s book reports that they have taken mental influence to impressive levels. For example, on page 74, a human-like alien explains to one contactee how his UFO craft works:

“I am the one who commands the ship mentally, and we have thus reduced the possibilities for error. If something should happen to me, other members of the crew have authority to carry out the mind-machine integration, where the coupling takes place directly by means of mental impulses, to the ‘transducer and crystals’ program. The mental energy that we deliver is translated as flight energy. That is why we told you that ‘we have just left’. For us, the time factor is not a problem; we live in a present that modifies the future. That is why the future is ‘malleable’ and cannot be predicted with certainty. Not so the past, that is already history and is unmodifiable.”

This view of the future and the past is echoed by the remote viewers that worked for the US military such as Ingo Swann. Swann explained that the past is ‘set’, like concrete whereas the future is uncertain; it has yet to ‘crystallise’. Certain events in the future are very likely to happen, such as the end of an ice age, climate change or an eruption, as there is little that individual mental influence can do to change them, but smaller events in the future are often highly uncertain and personal choices can stop or start them occurring.

This matter of the past and the future leads naturally on to the second major aspect of Good’s book; what the alien visitors say about our situation on Earth and their prediction of the future that awaits us. To quote from page 73:

“We are here because we know about the calamities that will overrun Planet Earth - one of them, the Third World War. It is not far away; we know the date but we cannot interfere. You must learn to live in peace and harmony but you have to do it by yourselves and that implies gaining a new level of conscience. Perhaps the greatest discovery that Earthlings will make will be to know God. You believe in a completely mistaken concept of God.”

I’d guess that in this case, the visitors are referring to the following; that the belief that God is a separate, male individual who judges and punishes those who obey His rules and puts who He sees as miscreants into a Hell of eternal torment is wrong. I personally believe strongly that the idea of an all-powerful God judging and punishing is a toxic piece of propaganda designed to force ordinary people into obedience to an elite through fear. Instead, God is actually like the Tao or the Atum in the ancient Egyptian Hermetica, a transcendental, sexless being of unconditional love whose nature is beyond words and who is both part of all of us and our Creator. When we physically die we are not judged by a Judger, instead we judge ourselves and our fate is then to live with ourselves, knowing what we’ve done. Fortunately, we can physically live again and gain the chance to improve ourselves. We are not thrown in some hideous jail on the orders of a Righteous Ego. This Tao/Atum view of God tis certainly the view expressed by many people who have had Near Death Experiences, as well as those who have taken Ayahuasca and DMT as well as the members of ancient spiritual religions such as the Taoists and the Jain. Such a God is also scientifically necessary to explain the Big Bang, as I've explained in 'How science shows' and in another blog entry.

Good's book includes several dark predictions of our near-future and the aliens are very specific on the huge problems facing Humanity. On page 81, a human-like alien states:

“The great war will be preceded by a shorter one. At first, no nuclear weapons will be used. Pay much attention to the environmental changes, the ozone layer, the weakness of your leaders, and their lack of credibility, the loss of religious values, which the ‘religious’ claim to have, the growth of crime and the lack of countermeasures against it.”

It is certainly true, as far as I can see, that the leaders of the U.K. and the U.S. have gone badly downhill. The calibre of leaders such as Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Carter in the U.S. and Wilson, Benn, Foot, Bevin and others in the U.K. have been replaced, post-1970’s, with a series of leaders like Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Thatcher, Blair, Cameron and Johnson. We as English speaking subjects now seem to be choosing our leaders primarily from the secretive and elitist Skull and Bones club in the U.S. and the notoriously amoral and antisocial Bullingdon Club in the U.K. While this callous mockery of leadership goes on in our capitals, climate change on Earth is accelerating; it will create a catastrophic new era that will inevitably cause mass warfare, disease and starvation as the disintegrating climate destroys our crops and infrastructure. In the light of all those facts, it would seem that the above quoted warning from the aliens is spot on.

Overall, although 'Unearthly Disclosures' does contain some events and testimonies that are hard to believe, it seems to me to contain a lot of truth, but sometimes the truth can be tough to take. On page 94, an alien visitor states to a human:

“You will be responsible for the education of the people in different countries, using all means available. This will be a difficult task, because you will be left to your own means and you will have against you those who do not take you seriously and the dark machinations of the great established powers on your planet, hampering, creating doubts, and attacking you as promoters of knowledge. [...] After many years of observation and analysis of your world, the conclusion was that humankind, with few exceptions, were a barbarian horde from the deepest levels of their spirit and incorrigible.”

This is a damning summation of the human race. Is it true? Many people in the Western World would vehemently deny such a charge and yet we watch bloody murder for entertainment and finance the rearing and slaughtering of animals in appalling conditions because we like the taste of their cooked flesh. Classic psychology experiments also show that given the right conditions, most of us will commit appalling acts on each other simply to appease the wishes of our peer group. What's perhaps worse is that nearly all of us are happy to burn fuel at an enormous rate to bring ourselves pleasure, even though it is cooking our planet.To be honest, given all these facts, it’s hard to fault the aliens’ assessment.

Overall, I would definitely recommend 'Unearthly Disclosures' by Timothy Good. It's likely that some of its contents are wrong but there is much I cannot find fault with. Sadly, the book includes dire predictions of our near future, but that is hardly surprising as science is clearly indicating a dire future for us too. The good bit, thankfully, is that according to the book, the advanced aliens who are allegedly visiting our planet seem to think we have positive elements as a race and that we do have a future. Thank the Heavens for that!