The Noetic Universe by Dean Radin - book review

The Noetic Universe, by Dean Radin, senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, is a solid exploration of the current evidence for psi - the abilities of our minds to influence the physical world and other related abilities. I've reviewed quite a few books and videos by Dean Radin, mostly because he's a measured, thorough, careful and clearly intelligent scientist working to show reliable evidence for psi abilities. In a sense, he's continuing the work of Robert Jahn and others in trying to convince the world that our minds are not frothy side-effects of our functioning brains but are in fact the shapes of reality.

The Noetic Universe is a relatively dry book as Radin goes to great lengths to explain the thoroughness of the experiments he's carried out over the last few decades. This can be a bit dull at times, so some readers may want to skim some sections but it is necessary for him to show that he's being very scientific about the whole process. For readers after a book talking about the links between Western Science, psi and Eastern Philosophy, I'd recommend his book 'Supernormal', which I've previously reviewed. His videos are more accessible but obviously not as comprehensive; they could be a good beginning for people interested in his work.

There are one or two errors in the book. For example, Radin comments that there isn't any solid research on NDE's or Near Death Experiences and that we have to rely on anecdotal stories. This isn't correct; Dr Pim Van Lommel carried out a fascinating study of NDE's in his cardiac ward, which he describes in his book Consciousness Beyond Life, which I've previously reviewed. I'm not criticising Dr Radin, as it's highly likely Dr Van Lommel's book came out after my edition of 'The Noetic Universe', but I thought it was worth mentioning.

At the end of 'The Noetic Universe', Radin talks enthusiastically about the growing interest in psi by ordinary people and is hopeful that its solid scientific basis which eventually cause psi to be accepted by the scientific establishment. He feels that the inertia, cognitive dissonance and an inability of senior scientists to change their mindset has been holding it back up to now. Unfortunately, after studying the subject for many years, I don't think this is the case. Radin wisely describes the huge benefits to human-kind if we develop our latent or semi-latent psi abilities but he misses a key point; any group that has already developed its psi-abilities will have a huge advantage over everyone else, enabling it to generate great power and wealth. That group would be likely to then work very hard to make darn sure that no one else developed such psi abilities, in particular remote viewing (a skill discussed in Radin's book). I've explored this scenario in my psi earth articles. It would be great if Radin is right and I am wrong - I would like very much like that his hopes to come true - but with our current social structures, which I've described in my article 'why psychopaths and secret clans rule us all', I think the latter is more likely to be true. Hey ho.

Overall, I do recommend 'The Noetic Universe' for anyone who wishes to read a thorough, scientific, clear description of the evidence that our minds do affect reality. If you want something that covers that area but is more fun, covers a wider territory and has less graphs, I heartily recommend my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong.' Yep, it's a blatant plug but give me a break; this is my website. ;-)