Psi-Earth - 4 - Technology - Identity Chips


Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues. In the third article, I described part of the historical background for the Psi-Earth and the origins of the secret elite groups from the early and very influential Mystery Religions of Antiquity.

In this week's blog entry about Psi-Earth, I'll be talking about identity chips; implanted markers in the body of the people of Psi-Earth that the secret elite use to watch and monitor their behaviour, looking for anyone that could be a threat to their power.

One dark element of the Second World War Holocaust was the branding of inmates with a serial number. In this awful, dehumanising act, the Nazis attempted to reduce thinking and feeling individuals to little more than entries in an IBM database. (It's now hard to believe but according to several documented reports and a book by Edwin Black, these machines were present at the Nazi concentration camps in the form of pre-digital, punch-card, mechanical calculators. There were also serviced by IBM engineers as part of their service contracts; astonishing if true).

Fortunately, ordinary people in our modern-day world are not branded with identifying numbers by a cold, ruthless, authoritarian regime and the Psi-Earth story won’t include such methods but there is another, more sinister way to theoretically mark every person nowadays; through the use of tiny, implanted chips.

The presence of small chips with unique identification numbers is already a common part of our society. For example, RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) chips on many shop goods enable scanners to pick up from them a unique number. The scanner thereby knows what item to which that RFID chip is attached. Such chips are now a relatively crude item, technologically; they have no internal power supply and all they can do is respond with a number. Nevertheless, there is interest in people having such chips implanted in them, as discussed in this BBC article. This is an ominous idea as such an operation may not look as repulsive and abhorrent as the branding of Auschwitz Jews, but it has an equally significant result.

The Psi-Earth story won't be using RFID chips, as much more sophisticated chips are now available, even in the civilian sphere. These chips have been developed for medical purposes. Chips the size of a grain of rice are now capable of monitoring our heart-rate, blood sugar levels and other health markers. These chips are often only temporary inhabiters of our body, designed to pick up information while powered by a finite, tiny battery until they leave the body. More sophisticated versions of these medical chips can actually power themselves by drawing in glucose blood sugar, but they are very expensive items to create. They also require the consent of the patient and need to be implanted in an operation. In the Psi-Earth story, both of these issues are bypassed.

In the Psi-Earth story, the secret elite develop a way to implant a chip in everyone in the developed world without the individuals knowing anything about it. They manufacture the chips in the billions using cutting-edge military technology. They then implant the chips in people by winning the contract to supply a vaccine for a mass vaccination programme. As each is no wider than a human hair and a millimetre long, it is small enough to be embedded in the body as part of a seemingly simple vaccine injection. Since the vaccines are manufactured as one-use only and the vaccination programme is mandatory, the secret elite know that by including one of their 'hair-sliver' chips in each vaccination capsule, they will end up inside each person in the countries concerned.

The secret elite design these 'hair-sliver' chips to pick up brainwave patterns, along with other vital signs, and to store that information for 48 hours. This allows the secret elite to secretly monitor how people are thinking. In particular, if someone is developing good psi-abilities, this will show in the preponderance of that person's alpha, theta and delta brainwaves (rather than the 'distracted' beta waves). The secret elite can therefore monitor how much a psi-adept is progressing, day-to-day, by regularly picking up information from that person's 'hair-sliver' chip. If that person is appearing to be getting too good as a psi-adept, the secret elite can mark them as a danger.

In line with this idea, the Psi-Earth story will include our psi-adept characters finding out about the 'hair-sliver' chips in them. They'll know about these chips but how do they get them out? Early on, they won't be able to get them out or even be sure where in their bodies the chips reside. Instead, they'll be forced to try and prevent the foot soldiers of the secret elite reading the chips (which will probably, in the story, be done by someone simply pointing a modified smartphone at the target individual and reading the result on their screen). Cue strange machinations where our characters are watching for people pointing smartphones at them; an unnerving, near-paranoid scenario.

PLEASE NOTE: If any reader is concerned that the above idea will put people off vaccinations, which are a very important element of public health, do remember that Psi-Earth is being developed as a fictional story and is not a conspiracy theory. Any responsible adult, when reading, should always keep in their minds what is scientific fact and what is fiction.

For readers who'd like to explore more on the subject of sinister identity chip possibilities, I do recommend this interview from the Disclosure series. Unfortunately, it's not possible to chat to the person giving the interview as he died of a sudden illness a few years after making the video, but the information he did impart is nevertheless fascinating:

In next week's article, I'll continue on the subject of technology in the Psi-Earth story. Until then, have a good week!