Psi-Earth - 3 - Keeping Ancient Secrets


In this week's blog about my drama story idea, Psi-Earth, I thought it would be worth writing about historical secret societies and how evidence about their existence could be used to good effect in the Psi-Earth drama.

Just to recap, Psi-Earth is an Alternative Earth story where the world is the same as the modern-day but it is a world where the ideas I've developed in my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong' are correct and are being actively used by secret groups. The tragedy of the 'Psi-Earth' story is that human-kind is capable of psi-abilities but unfortunately, secret and powerful groups are keeping humanity blind to their own abilities in order that the ones who do use psi-abilities can maintain a critical advantage and control of power on Earth. It's a dark, dramatic, tense scenario that could make a very good novel or two. Rather than hide its development away in a notebook, I thought I'd blog its development instead while I work on my science fiction comedy novel.

In the first blog article, I talked about the basic premise of the story. In the second article, I described a potential main character, Xander, and the dangers he faced as soon as secret and powerful group became aware of his progression as a remote viewer. So far in the story, Xander has narrowly avoided being killed after being led into a trap by henchman working for one of the secret elite groups, or at least he thinks he avoided a trap. As every danger in the story is elusive and strange, it's very difficult for the main characters to be sure that they are in danger. In this way, the story is a lot like a classic spy story where agents must make life-or-death decisions based on the most enigmatic of clues.

Before continuing a description of what our main characters face in the story and what will happen to them, I thought it would be worth exploring some factual evidence and testimony to develop or flesh out the scenario some more.

To start with, it's worth reading 'Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy' by Robert Hewitt Brown. Not only does Brown, who was a 32nd degree Mason, explain a lot about the origins of Masonic practice, but he also talks about the Mystery Religions of the Ancient World. These Mystery Religions are often associated with Ancient Greece (in particular the Eleusinian Mysteries and the Orphic Mysteries) but they may truly originate in Ancient Egypt or earlier. In particular the Temples of Isis, the wife of Osiris, was a key member of the Mystery Religions. Brown reports in his book that the Temple of Isis, now open to the elements, clearly shows that it was designed and built to create illusion and magic, in order to psychologically transform (or perhaps brainwash) its acolytes into true worship of its god. The architects and builders who were responsible for creating these tools of illusion (secret passages, moving platforms, false walls, speaking statues) were sworn to secrecy but it there was any sign that they wouldn't keep mum, other tools were used. For example, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi had a mysterious grotto. As Brown's book states:

"The individual whose name this cave bore was an architect of great skill, and in conjunction with his brother Agamides, was the architect of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and they were, of course, the designers and constructors of all the mechanical secrets of that temple, no doubt far more ingenious and terrifying in their nature than those of the oracular cave just described. The Mysteries being also celebrated in the Temple, the demand for secrecy was imperative and the priests, fearing that the initiation of Trophonius and Agamides would not insure their silence, resorted to assassination. The brothers were desired by the god, through the priests, to be cheerful and to wait eight days for their reward. At the end of which period, they were found dead in their beds - the result of poison or some other secret means of murder. (See Salverti's "Philosophy of Magic", vol 1, Chapter XI)."

It's worth noting that it's perfectly possible that direct descendants of these Mystery Religions still exist today. Supposedly, the Roman Empire did ban the Mystery Religions when it adopted Christianity as its official religion but Brown's book makes it clear that in fact, the Romans quietly allowed the Mysteries to continue. As a result, they were 'celebrated in some form as late as the eighth century A.D'. Dr Oliver in his 'history of initiation' says that they were 'celebrated in Wales and Scotland down to the twelfth century'. Salver, in his 'Philosophy of Magic', states that the occult sciences, possessed by the secret societies of the middle ages in Europe were derived from the learning taught by the Ancient Mystery Religions. He goes on to say that; 'Liebnitz (the famous Mathematician and contemporary of Newton) penetrated into one of these societies at Nuremberg and obtained there instructions which he might perhaps have sought for in vain elsewhere.' It's worth noting that Newton himself spent more time in studying the occult than in what we would now call respectable science. Many readers will immediately note how close such an example is, in time and location, to the notorious Bavarian Illuminati and Hitler's infamous fascination with the occult. For more information on those topics, I definitely recommend Peter Levenda's books; they don't make for happy reading but they are well-researched and eye-opening.

All-in-all, it's clearly possible to making a compelling case in the 'Psi-Earth' story that the secret elite who are trying to kill our heroes are directly descended from Mystery Occult Religions formed in the earliest period of human civilisation. What's more, these secret elite groups are using the same techniques they perfected thousands of years before; psychological manipulation, brainwashing and the cunning strategy of killing their enemies so that it's not even clear that they were murdered, never mind leaving any clues as to who murdered them.

In the next blog article on this topic, I'll look into technology and how these Mystery Religion secret elites might have updated their tools of control.

Have a good week!