Excellent short video about exponential population growth

Here's an excellent video explaining the perils of exponential population growth:

It might be tempting to think that human population growth isn't as extreme as the one described in the video. Unfortunately, it is. Here's a graph of human population levels in the last twelve thousand years, courtesy of Wikipedia:


The graph shows the 'bump up' in world population during the Roman Empire. At the time of Christ, 190 million people lived on our planet. This was a perfectly healthy global population. Unfortunately, the arrival of fossil fuels (in around 1750) and modern science triggered a hyper-acceleration of the human population. A the Wikipedia page on global population states, 'The human population has been growing exponentially since the mid-1800s.'

Here's the same graph with projected population levels for 2100 AD marked in red:


The phrase 'totally bonkers population explosion' springs to mind.

It's worth noting at this point that fossil fuels are not just climate changers, they are also one-off resources. Furthermore, it is not just our transport and heating sectors that use fossil fuels, but also our agriculture, in the form of fertilisers. As one economist pointed out:

'Modern agriculture is little more than the process of turning petroleum into food.'

In this way, petroleum has not just sustained a materialist lifestyle, it's kept literally billions more people fed than would otherwise not have been possible on the same planet. Fossil fuels have helped create a world population that can exist only temporarily, while we burn through Earth's store of fossil fuels that took tens of millions of years to create. We've created an unsustainable population bubble in the last two centuries and it has to 'pop'. It would seem that we truly are in minute fifty-nine.