'Need to know' - Timothy Good UFO book review

It's time again for another review of a UFO book and this one's from Timothy Good. To some extent, Good's books always fall into the same pattern. Within their pages, he records in clear, accessible form, a long list of reported encounters between people on Earth and UFOs. These cases include encounters between a wide variety of people - military personnel, ordinary people, scientists, engineers, doctors - and alien craft and beings. From my point of view, after reading Good's books and other publications on the subject of UFOs from various authors, after reading so much material, it becomes very difficult for me to think of the UFO subject as any other than a very real and extremely important part of our planet's history since the Second World War.

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, if UFOs are visiting our planet (and that is logically highly likely, considering the number of stars and planets in our galaxy), then it is also logical that the U.S. military and its allies would be keeping the UFO matter under wraps. As far as I can tell, without even touching on the subject of UFOs, anything of any importance in our world is, by default, kept from us all by our power elite. It therefore makes perfect sense that UFOs would fall into this category. Anyone who is sceptical of such a belief would do well to realise that such a situation is a logical inevitability. To recap, it is highly likely that alien races exist in our galaxy and also that some of them will have the technical ability to visit us. Unfortunately for us, it is also a fact that our species currently exists in a situation where a tiny percentage of us possess most of our resources and wealth. What's more, that tiny minority have control of an enormous amount of military power on our planet; an insane amount for a supposedly intelligent species. It is therefore inevitable that if and when aliens do visit, our power-elite will grab all valuable information and material on the matter and keep it from the rest of us using money and force of arms.

Returning to the book, 'Need to know' has both positive and negative elements. On the negative side, a book that consists of a long series of encounter-reports can become monotonous and the cases can blur into one big mulch. This is probably unavoidable, since Good is trying to stay objective and factual and he also has no access to an overarching understanding of the strategy and plans of the alleged aliens or, for that matter, the plans of the top-level operators in the U.S. military and government who are dealing with the alien matter. On the positive side, there are many fascinating nuggets of information that crop up in the book during the reports and I'd like to focus on a few of these.

In the past, when reading the UFO books, I've been personally drawn to alleged comments by aliens on the state of humanity and our future. I've described these comments in previous reviews, in particular the aliens' dire warnings of our future, of our mad, headlong rush to nuclear annihilation, as well as our destruction of our planet's ecosystem (sheesh, how bat-shit crazy are we?). In this book review, I thought I'd quote comments in 'Need to know' from the aliens on the subject of our spiritual and mental side. On the mental side, Sergeant Charles Moody reports on page 324 about his visit on board an alien craft, manned by aliens who were physically similar to us but with minor and significant differences. His description of the alien ship's drive is very similar to that reported by Betty and Barney Hill in their abduction, an explanation I found revealing as it indicated that the aliens were using their mental ability in conjunction with physical systems to move their craft. In our materialist society, with its fetishisation of inanimate machines, such a method of propulsion seems impossible but, as I've explained in detail in my book 'How science shows', such a method may be theoretically possible.

The second interesting passage in 'Need to know' on the subject of our mental and spiritual development relates to an episode in Brazil where the military appear at a hospital with a wounded alien (pg 375). This event is documented in much greater detail (afaik) in the book 'UFO crash in Brazil' by Dr Roger Leir. In 'Need to know', Leir interviews the doctor who allegedly operated on the alien's broken leg. The doctor, in reply, gave this report:

"Without consciously realising it, my gaze caught the eyes of the being. His eyes were glowing red and appeared as two swirling pools of liquid. They were pulling, pulling me in, deeper and deeper. All at once, giant portions of information came pounding into my head. They were like 'thought-grams' - large blocks of information, over and over again, like someone hitting me over the head with a hammer. I became dizzy and nauseated."

Roger Leir said in reply; "Undoubtably you survived this ordeal, can you tell us what was in those thought-messages?" The doctor replied:

"All that I am willing to tell you at this time is what the creature told me about human beings. I want to tell you that he 'downloaded' a tremendous amount of information into my head. It caused me to have headaches lasting for over two weeks, following the event. Essentially, he told me that his race felt very sorry about human beings for basically two reasons. The first is that all humans have the same potential and abilities to perform the very same things his race could do - those things we find so marvellous and magical but do not know how to do. For example, he told me that in cases where there is injury or disease to the body, it would not be necessary to confine one of his species to a special treatment facility such as the one he was confined in at that moment. He told me that they could individually or collectively produce all the healing necessary to repair their bodies."

"The second reason they felt sorry for us was that we did not seem to realise we were spiritual beings only living in a temporary shell, and we were totally disconnected from our spiritual self."

I found the doctor's comments illuminating. Other UFO books I've reviewed on this website often include reports of aliens communicating with humans through thought. This seems to be evidence that thought communication is both possible and widely used amongst technically advanced species and is also possible with humans. Evidence of such an ability in humans crops up in books on remote viewing and related subjects, showing that such an ability may be possible for all of us. With regard to the scientific basis for the alien's comments about healing and us all being 'spiritual beings living in a temporary shell', I would, again, strongly recommend that you read my book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong'. In my book, I explain in detail that our current scientific knowledge actually proves just such a view. Tragically, the orthodox view dominant in our scientific establishment since the Second World War is entirely wrong and has ignored the correct conclusions made by many of the most brilliant physicists from the last century. I would also recommend you read two books on Near Death Experiences; Consciousness beyond Life' by Dr Pim Van Lommel and 'Heading towards Omega' by Dr Kenneth Ring. They both make it clear how much we truly are spiritual beings living in a temporary, physical body.

Overall, I found 'Need to know' a valuable addition to the UFO book canon. It's not an amazing read but it is an valuable book and, at times, very memorable and thought-provoking. Because of that, I definitely recommend it.