Just the two of us - TV comedy script

During last month and this month, the BBC have been running a television sitcom or 'narrative comedy' competition. Even though I haven't had much luck with the BBC up to now, I'm still very keen to keep trying. For this competition, the BBC wanted entrants to write a one page description of a narrative comedy idea along with a sample episode of between fifteen and thirty pages. The full details are here at the Laughing Stock website. I've now submitted an entry called 'Just the two of us'.

The one page description is as follows:

‘Just the two of us’ is a narrative comedy about Peter and Imogen, a couple living in a house together. They are both vaguely around the age of thirty. For Peter, that’s the time in his life that’s a safe distance after spots and before ear hairs; it’s pretty much his nose hair period of life. For Imogen, it’s the time when she really should be working out what she wants to do and what she wants to be but isn’t quite managing it.

In each episode, Peter and Imogen deal with each other, with themselves and life in general. Most scenes consist of Peter and Imogen sitting together somewhere, arguing about something that they can never happily resolve due the simple fact that one of them is a bloke and the other a woman. If it isn’t navigating along a route in a car, it’s washing your feet in the sink. If it isn’t bicycles, it’s clothes or hors d’oeuvres or belly button fluff or the frequency of washing clothes.

Usually, the argument breaks down and one of them is left wondering out loud how the other one can possibly think like they do. At this point, the non-wondering one transforms into a caricature of their attitude. Peter usually turns into a Neaderthal, Viking or tramp. Imogen usually turns into a Victorian school mistress or fairy princess. With their opposite half incommunicado in their caricature state, Peter or Imogen are joined by a friend to discuss the latest impasse. For Peter it’s invariably his mate Mike. For Imogen it’s her interfering but concerned Mum or self-confident friend Liz. With their help, or lack of help, the current problem is discussed. Sometimes, Peter or Imogen learn something new. When this happens, their friend disappears, one of them stops being a caricature and returns to their normal state and the two of them carry on with life again.

Although Peter and Imogen argue a lot, they do love each other. By the end of each episode, this love is demonstrated. This way, the audience can sympathise and enjoy the differences and conflicts between Peter and Imogen but still see why they’re still together.

How the series would develop:

As the episodes progress, we would find out more about Peter and Imogen and their friends; how they met, why they’re hung up or scared about strange bits of life, what problems could break up their relationship and what they’ve got that will keep them together.

Sample episode:

In the sample episode, Peter and Imogen have to get to a garden party on time, Peter wants to buy bicycle equipment without humiliating himself and Imogen asks if her belly sticks out when she walks.

Here's the script:

Just the two of us

I've also added it to the scripts page as well. Enjoy!