June 2019 - Gravity Wave

Last November, I explained in the article 'predictions of our future' that I'd had a recurring dream which seemed to indicate that a massive eruption was going to occur in June 2019. I've never made a prediction before and it was only a recurring dream, but I feel duty-bound to talk about it. The event I saw in my dream, that a massive volcanic eruption would occur in the first few days of June 2019, does fit with predictions made by other groups on our planet, in particular the Hopi Indians, Australian Aboriginal tribes and others. A recent nexus-magazine conference in Australia includes a talk by several Aboriginal elders who state that the End Times could occur within two years, but I haven't yet been able to get a record of their talk, so I've little idea of how well it correlates with other reports. It could be truly prophetic, it could be random anxiety, I don't yet know. The organisers also report that thousands of Australians have had prophetic dreams of a massive tidal-wave hitting their East Coast but again, this could be similar to a spreading rumour.

The idea that our planet might suffer a terrible eruption, followed by a vast amount of dark dust-smoke (as seen in my dream) also fits with a theory developed by Dr LaViolette. [In case any readers think my recurring dream was influenced by his book, I read his book after I had my dreams; it was the strange similarity between the book and my dreams that caused me to write my first article on the subject.]

Dr LaViolette postulates that our galaxy's centre does not contain black holes, as per the current civilian scientific view, but instead contains extremely active stars that periodically burst out vast waves of particles and energy. This theory is explained in detail in his book Earth Under Fire. He explains that the reason our planet has a precessional cycle of roughly 26,000 years is because these periodic bursts occur every 26,000 years, and to a smaller extent in simple fractions of that time, and these bursts have entrained our planets precession movement, like someone periodically pushing or pulling on a spinning top to encourage it to oscillate with a certain frequency. 26,000 years might seem like a long gap between pulls but, for example, if the age of our solar system was a year, it would be a pull every three seconds.

According to Dr LaViolette, this periodic 'flick' that entrains our planet's precessional cycle, known to the Ancient Greeks as a Great Year, occurs through a gravity wave. The periodic, massive energy burst from the centre of our galaxy contains both a high-energy particle component, a high-energy electromagnetic radiation component and an intense gravity wave. As he explains in his book, Earth Under Fire, we received such a blast about 12,800 years, half a precessional cycle ago. This blast brought disastrous conditions to our planet, including a bombardment of meteorites and vast amounts of black, interstellar dust pushed into the inner part of our solar system, dust that is usually kept away by the solar wind. He believes that this event is synonymous with the Younger Dryas Impact event and it brought a period of abrupt cooling to our planet, lasting a thousand years, before our ice-age cataclysmically ended about 9,800 years ago.

LaViolette's book Earth Under Fire works from a physics theory he developed that describes how matter comes into existence through a self-perpetuating positive-energy process working in a sub quantum ether. Personally, I think that his theory, Dr LaViolette's Subquantum Kinetics Theory, makes sense. It solves the Baryon Asymmetry Paradox, Boltzmann's Well-Ordered Universe problem, dispenses with Dark Matter and Dark Energy, as well as ending the singularity and infinity problems of quantum physics and cosmology. To be honest, I don't care that the theory is not officially endorsed by the civilian scientific establishment. Civilian science has a long history of its high priests thinking they've solved a field to the last decimal, only to realise a generation later that they were massively wrong. I also believe that western military science are much happier with sub-quantum kinetics model. As far as I can tell, there is some evidence that they've made vast technological progress with its implications.

After mulling over Dr LaViolette's theories for six months, as well as investigating other predictions and evidence, I'm still very concerned that something massive will happen in June 2019. My recurring dream was vivid and the idea fits with Hopi predictions, Aboriginal predictions, the prescient visions of Near Death Experiencers and Dr LaViolette's theory, as explained in my future predictions article. The idea that we are hit with a gravity wave every 26,000 years, as well as a smaller hit at half-intervals, also fits with our geological record.

For example, our most recent VE8 (or volcanic explosivity 8) eruption, the largest category of eruption, occurred roughly 26,000 years ago at Taupo in New Zealand. The last VE8 eruption before that event was approximately 75,000 years ago, or roughly three Great Years ago. This periodicity of huge eruptions would make sense, as a gravity wave from our galaxy's centre would almost certainly cause at least one massive volcanic eruption on our planet. If a large gravity wave did hit our planet, it would be as if everything on our planet was briefly squashed tighter together, or if we all felt suddenly heavier. This might not sound too bad, but it would affect all matter on our planet. Studies have shown that even tidal changes can trigger volcanic eruptions and a gravity wave from the centre of our galaxy would be much worse than any tidal change. Not only would it trigger any volcano that was close to erupting to erupt, it would also probably trigger several sea-mount collapses, such as the impending slips in the Canary Islands and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as trigger earthquake faults and methane-clathrate stores on the shallow sea floor to erupt, such as the Storegga Slide Event. If all these events occurred at roughly the same time, our seas would be suddenly full of huge tidal waves, our 'bath would be bumped' in other words. For example, the following video shows the effects of a sea-mount slide in the Hawaiian Islands:

In such a scenario, where a gravity wave triggers multiple natural disasters, the grim dreams that have been allegedly reported by many Australians would come true as waves the height of a tall building hit their Pacific shores. Few coastal communities around our planet would survive the tsunamis from such a combined series of eruptions, landslides, earthquakes and methane-cathrate eruptions. Anyone within one-hundred miles of most of the oceans would probably be killed. This might explain why many Australian Aborigines are supposedly travelling back inland to prepare for the End Days.

To be honest, I'll be happy if next June goes by without anything happening. As I said at the beginning of this article, I feel duty-bound to talk about my recurring dream and how it seems to fit with other predictions and scientific ideas, as it did feel highly meaningful, but the prospect of such a cataclysm fills me with horror. I'm trying to remain optimistic, but the more research I do, the more difficult it becomes. For example, I recently discovered the report of the alleged Area 51 employee on the Art Bell radio show who said that disasters would soon occur to us all. He then stated that our power-elite knows of these future disasters and they're deliberately not telling us. Such reports don't make it easy to be optimistic, particularly when the call was supposedly cut off, after twenty seconds, because the station's satellite transmitter mysteriously failed. For more on whether the caller's story is believable, do please read my Alternative 3 articles.

All that notwithstanding, a global catastrophe in June 2019 does still seems unlikely. Fingers crossed, we'll all be okay.