Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story 2011

Here's my four page entry for the 2011 Jonathan Cape Graphic Short story competition. I entered the competition last year with a mad dash entry. This year, I've tried to make it a little more adult, more about an emotional drama. I'm still pleased with last year's entry but I can imagine a cute anthropomorphic frog wasn't what they were after. The subject matter of last year's entry was actually climate change but I can imagine that many people may not have even spotted it (I think! It's really hard to tell).

It was a lot of fun making this year's entry and a great slice of practicing all the elements of graphic story telling. I particularly enjoyed doing the time transition frame at the bottom of page 3. For anyone interested in the subject, I heartily recommend Scott McCloud's Making Comics and Understanding Comics. I could waffle on about the process of making this story (e.g. I chose a cut paper style but it was all vector art done on a mac) but I don't know how to keep it to a blog entry so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

For a larger sized version with page links, click here.