Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story competition

When the Arvon graphic novel course finished, I was all ready and motivated to do some comic work. Unfortunately, a very sad event occurred on the way back which I won't go into in a blog. Suffice it to say, that strongly affected the whole of the next week. What I was able to do though was get together an entry for the Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story competition. The competition had been recommended to me on the course by Hannah Berry and I checked the details on my return home. I had a little over a week to produce a four page graphic short story. Yikes! I decided there wasn't time to think up a new story. I would have to use one I'd already written. In the end, I went for the frog poem I'd submitted to a climate change competition.

Here's what I produced:

I was very pleased with what I'd produced. If I did it again, I'd certainly do a better job but, as a one off job by an inexperienced comic writer, I think I did pretty well. I showed the story to Bryan Talbot and Hannah Berry and Hannah made the good point that Jonathan Cape are probably after adult themed stories, which may hamper its chances. At the end of the day, it is a parable about global warming, which is about as adult as you can get. Hopefully the judges will take that into account! It was also good to be immersed in work that week. It wasn't a week to sit about dwelling on things.

It was also good to meet a deadline. As Neil Gaiman advised, write things and complete them. Humming and hah'ing and saying there wasn't enough time anyway doesn't make for creative success.

On with the graphic novel!