Jim Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens talk

Years ago, I went to the Czech Republic with several friends. Before we left for Prague, my Czech friend took me aside and said; 'I know you're vegetarian and that's okay with me but I need to let you know that if you tell people in Prague that you don't eat meat, they'll think you're mad. Just tell them that you have an illness and you'll be fine.'

This, I think, is a big problem with people; if you talk to someone about something that's outside their comfort zone, their 'sphere of expectation', more likely than not, they'll think you're mad. Bertrand Russell was wise in saying; “do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Unfortunately, it won't stop you getting locked up.


This problem applies to much more than dietary choices. In our Western World at the moment, there are several gnarly questions that may never appear on the front pages or in the news, but they are critically important. I have talked about them before on this website, at length, but they are still worth repeating. The fact that few people in the mainstream media even ask these questions nowadays means that they lie outside many people's 'zone of believability', but that only increases the need for as many of us as possible to talk about them. They are:

1) Who financed the Third Reich?
2) Why hasn't science publicly concluded that non-physical minds exist?
3) Why haven't we been visited by aliens?


The first question is important because Germany was bankrupt in 1930; they'd suffered a stock market crash, hyperinflation and crippling war reparations. And yet, a few short years later, they were an economic powerhouse and possessed a military machine of huge size. Who paid for all this? Who paid for the raw materials, the oil, rubber, iron ore, new factory equipment etc? Who paid for it even after Hitler gained power? There seems to be only one logical explanation, that a very, very wealthy group of financiers in Europe and/or the USA spent an enormous sum of money making the Nazi regime happen, in all its manufacturing behemoth and massive army form. If this is correct, then we are faced with a second and equally dark consequence, that no one of any significance has been charged for such financial activities since the Second World War ended. This tells us that the people who financed the Third Reich must still wield an awful lot of power or, alternatively, that the people who do wield power in the Western World are very sympathetic to their cause. Whichever it is, it's a deeply disturbing idea.


The second question I stuck at the beginning of this post - 'why hasn't science publicly concluded that non-physical minds exist' - is also very important but in a different way. Quantum physics actually makes it clear that in a universe where we have free will, non-physical minds must influence reality. We must all be collaboratively creating the physical realm with our mental intent, otherwise quantum physics makes it very clear that reality would never appear at all! This explanation is the only answer to Schrödinger's Cat that also allows us free will (for a full explanation of that topic, do please read my book 'how science shows…').

The need for non-physical minds in our reality, in order to make it exist at all, also applies to the existence of life itself. Life also can only exist in our universe if non-physical minds are making it happen because life increases order in the universe over time. This phenomenon should be impossible since entropy works on all physical matter and entropy decreases order over time. The existence of Life is the blatant physical evidence that we, as influencing minds, must be affecting reality.

Sadly, modern civilian science has been ignoring these simple facts for a century. As a result, it has been going nowhere in terms of real progress for a very long time. If our modern, civilian science did accept the above facts, it would develop in leaps and bounds but the view has effectively been banned by those who bankroll civilian science. The organisations that fund civilian science and those that police its dogma, such as CSICOP, make very sure that no reputable scientist can put forward the view that spirits, minds, ghosts or any other non-physical individuals exist.


The third question I popped in at the start of this post, 'why haven't we been visited by aliens', is known as the Fermi Paradox. Statistical probability, current physics and recent astronomical observations make it clear that a very large number of technically advanced races should exist in our galaxy. In addition, at least some of those races should logically be visiting us, as curiosity is an innate part of any technically advanced species. Where are they? This lack of evidence made Fermi wonder if we were alone in the universe.

In fact, there are reams of reports showing that we have been visited by aliens for at least the last century, but these reports also make it clear that our Western military have made great efforts to contain such events. The reports of visits and what happens to those reports also seems to show that our mainstream media refuses to report these events, or instead that they trivialise such reports when they occur, a subject researched and explained in excellent fashion in Terry Hansen's book 'The Missing Times'.


It would seem, therefore, after answering the above three questions, that the truth of our situation on this planet, with regard to many very important issues, is completely different to the official line given to us by our media, our scientific establishment and our schoolteachers. It is very much as Noam Chomsky stated, that our education system seems to be more a system of indoctrination than a process of understanding.

Apologies to any readers at this point who wonder why I've written such a long-winded introduction to a youtube video, but the point I'm trying to make is that there is a huge difference between what is actually scientifically and historically accurate and rational, and what everyone's being told is true. This gap is so wide nowadays that a lot of explanation is required to prepare a viewer/reader to watch anything of any significance. Noam Chomsky made the point, decades ago, that in order to state a point different from a view that the media pushes, you have to spend more time in explanation. This is very difficult in the modern media realm but, fortunately, there's time for it in a website article (so thanks for reading this far! :-).

And so, finally, to Jim Marr's video. Jim Marrs is a well-known journalist and author of Alien Agenda and other books, several of which I heartily recommend. In this video, entitled 'Remote Viewing Aliens', Marrs covers some fascinating material, including evidence unearthed by Bill Pawelec, Ingo Swann and other intelligent and informative people. Yep, it will all sound crackers at first glance but stick with it. J.B.S. Haldane once said 'the universe isn't stranger than we imagined, it's stranger that we could possibly imagine', but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Here's the video: