Interview with Grant Cameron - Consciousness and UFOs

Here's a very interesting interview with the Canadian journalist and author Grant Cameron. Grant has delved into many subject. He started investigating Near Death Experience (NDE) phenomena, then moved into UFO investigations, simply because UFO encounters were occurring in his neighbourhood near the border with the United States. He worked in-depth in that area for many years, and then came to the startling conclusion (as it was for him at the time) that mind and consciousness was the real topic of importance, as mind and consciousness were the basis for all reality. This conclusion connected with his UFO investigations, as it became clear in his discussions with senior figures in the military black-projects and UFO domains that ESP or Extra-Sensory Perception was the primary way for pilots of advanced craft to operate their vehicles. This fundamental required ability does crop up in other UFO encounter stories, particularly that of the Hill abduction, described in the book 'The Interrupted Journey'. Grant makes some significant claims in his interviews, in particular that Hilary Clinton was going to disclose the UFO situation when she became president. Sadly, we'll never know the truth of this for sure, as America supposedly elected a Klu Klux Klan sympathiser instead.

Here's another interview with Grant on the subject of 'Tom DeLonge, Steven Greer and evil aliens'. Grant eloquently explains how Greer and DeLonge are 'messiahs', individuals fed information by the military and security services so that they can feel genuinely motivated to talk about what they have been told is going on. Unfortunately, as I've noticed with Greer over the years, nothing useful is ever released. By comparison, Paul Laviolette's writings are far more useful, as he's worked stuff out using science and engineering, not through testimonies fed to him by dubious sources. Grant makes it clear that he doesn't think DeLonge (with his evil aliens belief) and Greer (with his belief that all aliens are lovely) are lying, just that they are being fed dubious information by insiders with their own secret agendas. Recommended.