Hostage Crisis: Earth!

This article is partly a review of a very interesting book called; ‘The Missing Times: News media complicity in the UFO coverup’ by Terry Hansen and it's also about a very strange idea that bubbled up in my brain after reading the book.

Firstly, I'll talk about Hansen’s book. ‘The Missing Times’ focusses on how a very large number of compelling UFOs incidents , ones that have occurred worldwide in the last seventy years, have been covered up and ignored by the U.S. media. The book does a very good job of investigating this issue and how local news is filtered to remove such stories before it reaches the major media outlets. It also goes into great depth studying the more general matter of how any topic that is frowned on by the establishment is covered in the mainstream media (i.e. television, film, books, newspapers etc). As Hansen shows, using exhaustive and detailed references, the major U.S. televisions channels, film studios and newspapers, along with the ones here in the U.K. all follow a very narrow line of what is and what isn’t eligible for print/broadcast. It is a carefully managed filtering mechanism that does a very effective job of preventing the general public from looking at key issues.

For example, Hansen explains that the major science publications, Scientific American, Nature and New Scientist, are all heavily influenced by the dogmatically skeptical non-research organisation CSICOP. As part of that influence, many luminaries in the popular science world are actually Fellows of CSICOP, such as Chris French, Richard Wiseman, Susan Blackmore, Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Simon Singh, Murray Gell-Mann, Lawrence Krauss, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Jay Gould.

CSICOP's most famous fellow is the James 'the amazing' Randi, a self-styled debunker who once stated he'd proved Rupert Sheldrake wrong over Sheldrake's evidence, that some pets know when their owners are coming home, with his own experiments. But Randi's 'proof' was far from solid. When a Daily Telegraph journalist investigated the matter, years later, in an article, Sheldrake reported that:

"His direct requests [to Randi] for data [in support of Randi's view] were twice ignored. After appealing to others at the JREF, Randi eventually wrote back, explaining that he couldn’t supply the data because it got washed away in a flood and that the dogs he tested are now in Mexico and their owner was “tragically killed last year in a dreadful accident.”

Oddly enough, when pressed by the journalist on this explanation, Randi admitted that he was prone to making statements that could be classed as untruths. A lot of readers might at this point say; ‘So what? Who cares if debunkers are less than thorough and we don't get to heard about glowing craft in Texas?’ It’s true that at one level, unscientific witch-hunts and the binning of UFO reports are hardly big things in our lives but Hansen’s book, overall, I think, points to an extremely important and quite dark scenario. The scenario concerned begins with a simply question;
what is a cult?

One possible description of a cult is that a cult is a group of people, isolated from general society, who have developed a view of reality and the world that is both unscientific, unbalanced and irrational. The cult is usually led by one person, along with lieutenants, who exerts a charismatic, manipulative and controlling influence over the members of the cult. This leader will often use a combination of flattery, fear, hysteria and lies to keep his followers in line. He may also drug his followers to be more compliant and may also beat and punish any followers who question his authority, the direction of the group or if that person seeks to leave the cult.

What's scary is that if we apply the criteria described above to the Western World,
we are all in a cult. For example, we are financially dominated by a tiny number of people, who own most of our wealth, and since wealth equals power, they are, practically speaking, our controlling leaders. Secondly, we are collectively behaving in a disastrously irrational way. Climate change is a fact and all the evidence indicates that it will destroy global civilisation in the next century, tipping us all into social collapse, starvation, floods, disease, wars and other horrors. And yet, virtually all of us are continuing with our lives as if climate change didn’t exist. Not only that, but we are even increasing the problem every day with our actions. Whilst we do this, our leaders loudly tell us to ignore climate change because it’s either a lie, something we’ll fix anyway, or too expensive to deal with. They are therefore lying to us on a problem that eventually will destroy us all and devastate our habitat for millennia.

We are also continually taking copious amounts of drugs in the Western World, drugs that mostly dull our minds (alcohol, anti-depressants, painkillers, tranquillisers, opiates) or keep us working (caffeine, amphetamines), a mental state tailor-made for a drone-worker class. We are also kept away from any drugs that might expand our perceptions. These drugs are demonised and effectively banned, even if taken under medical supervision.

From an interplanetary viewpoint, we appear to be a bunch of deluded, irrational, drugged, self-destructive people on a beautiful island controlled by a tiny elite, an elite who are violent, controlling, manipulative, dictatorial, callous, lying and heavily-armed. To put it bluntly, we're the interstellar version of Jonestown.

At this point, let's return to Terry Hansen's book and the subject of UFOs. If we combine the material in ‘The Missing Times’ with other books reviewed on this website, in particular
Timothy Good’s books on UFO encounters, the gathered information indicates that that as soon as we developed atomic energy on this planet, alien races visited us. Many of those races were visiting us, according to various testimonies, because they were extremely concerned that we would rapidly destroy our beautiful planet and ourselves.

In addition, according to reports, some of the aliens said that we have the potential to possess the same mental and physical abilities that they have, abilities which we currently find astonishing and near-magical. These abilities include such things as telepathy, remote viewing, prescience, bi-location, self-healing, etc. Some of those alien races, supposedly, are keen to educate us so that we develop these innate abilities too.

If we add the above information into the ‘interstellar Jonestown’ metaphor, developed earlier, it is as if advanced and compassionate visitors have turned up on our cult island and said to our leaders; “We are very distressed at what you’re doing. You’re treating your followers very badly, like cattle. You’re drugging them, lying to them and allowing their numbers to overload this beautiful island. Only disaster, suffering and death awaits everyone on this island if you don’t stop what you’re doing. If you don’t change your ways, we’ll have to intervene.” Considering the behaviour of our so-called leaders, some of whom
may have blood on their hands, I can imagine that those leaders' most likely response would be; ‘Screw you! Those seven billion people belong to us! We’re in charge! This is our island and if you don’t piss off, we’ll kill the lot of you!’ Our power-elite might couch the reply in more formal terms, but that probably would be the gist of it. But their threats would probably be foolish, as alien visitors are very likely to be highly advanced, both technologically and mentally. Because of that, such threats from our leaders would probably be pointless. Our power-elite would then, most likely, switch to a second tactic; set themselves up an escape route or bunker and then say to the visitors; ‘If you try and intervene and remove us from power, we’ll destroy this island and everyone on it! We’ll blow this place sky-high!’ If that sounds callous and far-fetched, imagine the power-elite group consist of Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, Norman Rumsfeld, George Bush Snr, Erdogan, Xi Jinping, Putin, the Rothschilds and a few others. Does it seem more believable now?

This is why this article is entitled; ‘
Hostage Crisis: Earth!’ The above scenario may seem very far-fetched but, at one level, it explains virtually everything that seems to be going on at the moment, at least according to the world outside the mainstream press, from reports of UFOs turning off nuclear arsenals to secret U.S. underground bases, our bizarrely vast nuclear arsenals (the ultimate hostage-crisis bomb), the hopelessly thin denials of UFOs’ existence, an all-pervasive, comprehensive and willful indifference to climate change by our power-brokers, the establishment's ridicule of mental abilities, a constant culture of fear, a police state, all-pervasive monitoring by the security services, alleged secret space programmes, the vast over-prescription of drugs and a host of other disturbing social and political issues. Even without the whole UFO issue, it does look disturbingly true that we are a bunch of brainwashed followers on an island controlled by a gang of sociopaths, heading for catastrophic collapse; we may not be but we sure look like we are and that should be enough for any rational person to become very worried indeed.