Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

December has been and gone and it’s now 2013. The world hasn’t ended (phew!) although, when you think about it, with the extensive and thorough scientific information that shows us that our climate is heading inexorably towards planetary Armageddon, the world as we know it has just ended; it’s just that the process will take a couple of centuries, rather than 24 hours. Civilization is officially kaput, there’s just a bit of reshuffling to be done in the next 200 years to get it all in place.


In the light of that, the Mayans were uncannily accurate. Their Baktun Age Grand Clock Reset happens every 5,000 years. A century or so is nothing in that scale of time; it’s just twenty minutes on a clock. The last Mayan Baktun Age - from 3,000BC to 2,000AD - was a short spell in time known popularly as ‘human civilisation’. The new Baktun Age - from 2,000AD to 5,000AD - is almost definitely going to be given a similarly catchy name, like ‘Global Meltdown’ or ‘The Wrath of Gaia’ or ‘Shit!” (unless everyone in the world pulls together like the people in that classic coke commercial with that very catchy song).

It’s true that nothing did happen on the 22nd of December last year that could be classed as ‘end of existence’, but that’s like someone picnicking in Yellowstone National Park and feeling the steady rising of the ground beneath them as the entire valley prepares to erupt in a caldera sized volcanic eruption, and saying ‘who’s worried? I haven’t yet even needed to move my picnic rug!’.

Putting the transformation of Earth into a new eon of apocalypse and suffering aside for a moment, I’m looking forward to 2013. The life-savings are still mostly intact so it should be another year of full-time creative endeavour. Hooray! My three to four thousand hours of writing practice is, I think, finally paying dividends and I can write prose that does the job. I’m also keen to do some more graphic work, along with more non-fiction intriguing speculation, so there should be lots of stuff taking shape in strange and interesting ways like the alien creature did in the John Carpenter movie ‘The Thing’. I’ll stick updates on this site when it happens.


That’s all I can think of for now. I hope everyone enjoys 2013!