Everything is a rich man's trick

For many years now, I've been writing articles exploring the strange and depressing fact (in my view) that what is actually true about reality, physics, history, archaeology, politics and a host of other important topics doesn't seem to match the official view at all. Several of these ideas are present in the anomalies section of this website, as well as popping up in previous blog articles and in my latest non-fiction book 'How science shows that almost everything important we've been told is wrong'. In a nutshell I would say:

The more important the topic, the more erroneous the official explanation.

This trend seems to be true with regard to how reality comes into being, the origins of the humans race, the origins of civilisation, the reason behind our major wars, how our leaders are chosen, major tragedies and others. This doesn't mean that all conspiracy theories are true - some of them are pure fancy - but it does make the old adage knowledge is power ring true. In many ways, it is logically inevitable that ourselves - the masses - are being lied to by at least some of the groups in power. We are clearly on a very violent planet where psychopaths hold great power, enough to obliterate nearly all of us (the events of 2016 would, I think, have made this clear). These groups and individuals, by their very nature, want as much power and control as they can get. It is therefore inevitable that they would do their best to make sure that the people they control have as little empowering information as possible.

A very interesting video documentary on youtube seems to agree with this view. It is called 'Everything is a rich man's trick'. It's three-and-a-half hours long, which is way too long for a youtube documentary and it could definitely have benefitted from being shortened or split into two or three smaller documentaries. I very much enjoyed the first two hours and found some of the material eye-opening, even for someone like me who's read/viewed a lot of material on the subject. I wasn't totally convinced by all the ideas/theories put forward, there are clearly at least a few factual mistakes in the documentary and the last hour becomes quite erratic and polemical but it is still an impressive piece of research.

The documentary focuses on the connection between the Nazis and wealthy industrialists in the U.S. and the JFK assassination. Some of its content reinforces the idea I discussed in my last blog post that top-down hierarchies can inevitably help secret societies gain control of major institutions, companies and the military. Some of the content is simply jaw-dropping.

Unfortunately, the presenter's call for revolution at the end of the documentary is, I think, naive. Revolutions are very risky endeavours, can involve huge bloodshed and often don't bring improvements to a country as they can be hijacked by very shadowy characters. A far better plan is to systematically improve a country's institutions, such as was done in post-war Britain. The demise of that wonderful programme is another story but I'll blog about that later; one (or four) grand conspiracies is probably enough for one day! :-)