It's hard work listening to climate sceptics

I get annoyed with climate sceptics. I read an article recently in the Independent and the number of ranting comments from climate sceptics, based on hopeless evidence, really got my goat. I accepted that if I argued with them, I'd get nowhere. Instead, I wrote this comment:

I am astonished at the continuing conspiracy that humanity is somehow affecting climate change through C02 production when it is quite clearly the work of pixies. All those hundreds of scientific papers confirming evidence for global warming through fossil fuel burning are a toxic conspiracy by nerdy people. All the record temperatures, extreme weather patterns, satellite data, it's all hooey! We'll all be fine. I have spent the last five years conducting detailed research thanks to a generous grant from a think tank backed by a petrochemical company and can now say with all certainty that pixies are doing it to annoy us. All we need to do is give them some biscuits, small pairs of buckled shoes and everything will be fine again. £1 billion on CCS! What a waste! Think how many BMW's we could buy with that! The world's gone mad.