Alternative 3 - the current situation

A fortnight ago, I blogged about the very interesting UK ATV 1977 pretend-fact documentary called 'Alternative 3, with its pretend-serious message that the power elite of our world have known for a long time that our planet was heading for global environmental collapse. What's more, they have been planning what to do about it. After much thought, they came up with three alternatives:

Alternative 1: A drastic reduction in the global, human population.

Alternative 2: The relocation of a fraction of humanity into underground bases and subterranean cities.

Alternative 3: The establishment of human colonies on the Moon and Mars.

In the rest of the previous blog article, I explained that the programme makers of Alternative 3 insisted that it was meant as a fictional programme. I do believe them but in truth, that's unimportant. What's now important is the question; 'Are Alternatives 2 & 3 in that programme actually underway?' Let's investigate…

The current situation:

Here's a graph of global mean temperatures since 1880. As can be seen, global temperatures were flattish until about 1930 and then they rose up. There was a relative lull until 1975 and from then on, they've been rising inexorably. The lull can be put down to the oceans absorbing the C02 gases, slowing the warming effect. Unfortunately, the acidic oceans can no longer absorb much more C02, which means that all the new CO2 produced will stay in the atmosphere and thereby make the world hotter and hotter.

Our media, at the moment, is divided between those that ignore global warming, those that denounce it and those that talk about how we should stay positive and make efforts to reduce our emissions in the future so that we'll eventually get it under control. Sadly, all of these views are wide of the mark. Feedback mechanisms, such as thinning sea ice, release of methane from permafrost, fires in parched landscapes removing trees etc, are now accelerating the warming. Even if new technologies were introduced into the market and adopted by an increasing number of people, they cannot be distributed and used fast enough to stop runaway climate change. If everyone on the planet immediately stopped their current lifestyles and lived as monks, we might stop the coming disaster but such a change is practically impossible. As this recent BBC report states:

"Another year. Another record. The high temperatures we saw in 2015 are set to be beaten in 2016," said WMO secretary-general Petteri Taalas. "In parts of Arctic Russia, temperatures were 6C to 7C above the long-term average. Many other Arctic and sub-Arctic regions in Russia, Alaska and north-west Canada were at least 3C above average. We are used to measuring temperature records in fractions of a degree, and so this is different," said Mr Taalas.

Parts of our planet are already entered the 'three to six degree world'. It is only a matter of time before the rest of our planet follows (for details on that, I do recommend Mark Lynas's book 'Six Degrees'). Many people would be very unhappy to hear such a statement. Many of them would personally chastise me for being negative, cynical and pessimistic. Oddly enough, that was exactly the response when I warned people that there was a good chance that Donald Trump would win the Republican Nomination and become President of the United States, due to how severely people in the United States have been lied to and robbed of job security, livelihoods and knowledge of the outside world. Depressing predictions may be unpopular, but they can be right.

On the matter of climate change, it's worth using an analogy to illustrate our current situation on this planet. Here goes: The giant passenger ship Hospitable Planet has been holed and it is sinking. It's been taking in water for a while and the hole is actually getting bigger. The crew on board can't stop the problem, even if they wanted to. Most of the passengers are ignoring the warnings and even though a few people have taken action and jury-rigged another pump, it's too little and too late to stop their ship sinking to the inky-black bottom of the sea. What's worse, the ship is woefully overloaded with people, it's a thousand miles from land, the sea temperature is about three degrees Centigrade and it has no lifeboats.

If you were on that boat, what would you do? The natural answer would be 'make a lifeboat!' And that takes us back to Alternative 3, because however 'factional' the programme may have been, its three alternative are absolutely real now. If our current climate situation is looked at with a clear eye, it's obvious that at least one powerful group on our planet must be currently working on a way for themselves and their descendants to survive the coming disaster. Not surprisingly, they're not going to tell us that they're making a lifeboat. What's more, it's in their interests to convince us that our ship Hospitable Planet isn't sinking, as it'll keep us dumb passengers docile and it'll stop us asking for the materials that they've been grabbing for their luxury lifeboat.

Several authors, journalists and other people have been hunting for information on the existence of actual examples of 'Alternative 2 & 3', i.e. underground cities/bases/breakaway civilisations or space colonies. For example, the journalist and author Jim Keith, in his book 'Casebook on Alternative 3', gathered a lot of very interesting evidence on the matter but unfortunately, he can't tell us more as he went into hospital a few years ago for a minor knee operation and was found dead in his hospital bed. William Pawelec and a friend dug up some interesting stuff, but Pawelec died of a rare cancer and his friend's car was T-boned by an armoured Land Rover, killing him instantly. Philip Schneider (check him out on youtube) talked a lot about huge underground, self sufficient bases but he can't tell us more because he was found dead in his home after talking repeatedly about attempts on his life. More recently, Max Spiers, an investigative journalist, talked of underground bases but was found dead on a sofa in Poland during a conference after suddenly falling ill, a few days after he told his family that he thought his life was in danger. So, to sum up, there is officially no evidence for any huge, underground bases, just a lot of gravestones marking the location of people who claimed the opposite.

For an alleged first-hand account of being taken down into one of these bases, I recommend the following video. It is just one man's verbal testimony but it is very interesting, nevertheless:

Overall then, it seems that it is officially ridiculous but possibly life-threatening to conclude that at this moment, powerful groups are secretly building underground cities to weather the coming environmental collapse. Other groups may also be heading for the stars but on a practical note, pound for pound, an underground city is much cheaper, easier to build and more reliable. For example, one simple way would be detonate an underground nuclear bomb, wait for the radiation drop to near background levels (say, in forty years) and then occupy the huge space created by the explosion.

But what do we do, as ordinary people, about the climate collapse to come? To be honest, I can't think of any good options. Relocating to a remote island and becoming self-sufficient is one possibility, but we would have go there soon to develop the required skills and it would only work if a lot of people went together. Who's got the self-belief, collectively as a group, to do that? Not only that but if we developed a successful community, we'd soon be overloaded by other, later arrivers, pleading to be included but who would then inevitably overload the group's resources and it would be chaos and cannibalism all over again. Alternatively, we might try and win entry to one of these fictitious underground cities but it looks as if the sort of people who are in them aren't that nice, so perhaps that crazy plan is best left alone.

Fortunately, there is one positive way to view our current situation. The human race will continue and even though those secret groups don't seem to be very nice - the ones that may be planning to protect themselves from the coming catastrophe - they will eventually share the Earth with people who survived purely on their own wits. In the future, a new generation from those groups will develop, separate from their more callous brethren and follow a better path. They're our future. We've got this far as a race and I think we will get past the coming catastrophe too.

p.s. I'm sorry if that sounds too optimistic and positive. ;-)