'You can't tell the people' - UFO book review

A while back, I reviewed a couple of books on possibly the most famous UFO incident in the U.K. the Rendlesham Forest incident. According to many witnesses and military memoranda released under the Freedom of Information Act, an unidentified craft of mysterious design and using even stranger technology visited the Rendlesham Forest on the edge of a U.S. Air force base in Suffolk, England in the Christmas week in 1980. It either crash-landed or crashed and then landed in those pine woods in the middle of the night, causing a major alert involving the U.S. Air Force, the Suffolk police, local villagers and others.

I've now read several books on the incident and they've each approached the event from a different angle. For example, 'Left at East Gate' by Larry Warren, is a personal account of the event by someone who experienced it. This gives it a lot of emotional weight, but it isn’t a comprehensive study, more of an autobiography. For a full account, referencing many of the people who were involved, I would recommend ‘You can’t tell the people’ by Georgina Bruni.

You Can’t Tell the People is a big book and there were several times when I skimmed pages. Bruni is very thorough in her investigation and clearly talks to many of the key players many times as she gathers the relevant evidence. It’s easy to lose count of the number of senior military, police and civilian figures she talks to. This can become a little tedious, as she strives to cover all angles and related issues, but a bit of light skimming easily solves this problem.

By the end of the book, it becomes obvious that certain things happened in Rendlesham Forest on the last week of 1980. Here's a basic list:

1) A mechanical craft landed in the forest, one that possessed technology both strange and highly advanced.
2) The U.K. and U.S. authorities made huge efforts to investigate and understand what happened and may have communicated with whoever piloted or occupied the craft.
3) The U.K. and U.S. authorities covered up the event as best they could. Witnesses were either silenced because they were military staff under oath, policeman ordered to keep quiet or civilians who were intimidated or feared ridicule. Civil rights and accountability, such as Parliament, the Freedom of Information Act, public interest, human rights and the Law of the Land, were all ignored by the authorities in charge of that cover-up operation.

I don’t mention aliens in the above list because there isn’t information in Bruni’s book to make any decision about who was on the craft or where the occupants of the craft could have come from, but they’re unlikely to have been humans.

One of the big questions that jump out when reading the book is: 'Why the cover-up?' This question is discussed during the book and the most common reason given by the military staff and government people is that they need to keep such information from us because 'we can't handle such facts'. I think this view is misguided or simply a lie. I think people would, most likely, be surprised at the news that aliens exist and are visiting our planet, but they would soon accept it and get on with their lives.

A better explanation for the censorship is that if the general population did know that our galaxy is full of advanced beings and that, for example, we are a hybrid species of neanderthals and an alien race, our old-school religions and aristocracy would collapse overnight. Not surprisingly, the powerful leaders of those religions would not want that to happen.

Secondly, any advanced race, talking openly to the general public, would encourage us to stop using vast amounts of fossil fuels. They would probably show us that we can create power easily without fossil fuels. The fossil fuel magnates of this world would not want that to happen either.

Thirdly, advanced alien races would probably also show us all that we are able to develop gained special abilities, such as remote viewing, abilities that our establishment say are impossible. If we became fully aware of what we can do as a species, those in mental dominance of us on Earth would lose their power over us. For more on that idea, check out my blog article ‘Hostage Crisis: Earth!’ and my psi-earth series of articles.

The above three issues, I think, show that there are very powerful people on our planet who do not want aliens or any advanced species interfering with the setup on Earth. Unfortunately, as our planet is in the grip of old-school religions and the military-industrial complex (to use Eisenhower's sobering term), the media clamp-down and disinformation campaign will continue.

Returning to Bruni's book, the Rendlesham Forest incident is very well-known in UFO circles nowadays, and this could make Bruni’s book seem more of a historical artefact to some, as the event occurred nearly forty years ago. For me, this issue is partly true and, in fact, it’s other elements in Bruni’s book that have stuck in my mind.

For example, one of the witnesses to the craft landing, John Burroughs, who was a junior rank in the Air Force, worked hard for many years afterwards to talk about the event and raise awareness of it in the public eye. This is what he said in one interview, quoted in the book:

“It really confuses me. If you look at it, what is the status of the world? You know, you can go along your life and basically you believe in God; you believe in your country; you believe in your government; you believe everything is under control. In the back of your mind you hear about UFOs, you think, well, there is a possibility but is it really possible? But then you actually see something like that and then have it handled the way the government handled it… You wonder what’s going on in the world, and you’re really interested in knowing but the American people, do the American people want to know? Does the world want to know? I began to wonder sometimes because nothing is done about it. I am not saying that nothing has been attempted… but the overall thing of the American people seems to be, ‘yeah, that’s interesting’, but outer space and this stuff is going on. [my italics]”

The chapter in Bruni’s book on John Burroughs ends with this paragraph:

‘John Burroughs retired as a Sergeant from the USAF in February 1988. According to Jim Penniston [another key Rendlesham Forest witness], Burroughs was being harassed by the AFOSI [US Air Force special investigations group] and his mail was being tampered with. On returning from England after being filmed for the Strange But True? television documentary in 1994, he discovered that his home had been totally ransacked. The only things missing were his files on Bentwaters [the air base beside Rendlesham Forest] and a videotape of the CNN documentary on the incident. Since then, nobody has been able to locate him and, according to Penniston, he disappeared from his home in Arizona without trace. Penniston thinks Burroughs got scared and packed up. All attempts to find him have been fruitless.’

The book makes it clear that any witness telling the general public about the Rendlesham Forest Incident puts themselves in a lot of danger. What happened to Burroughs, and others, shows that powerful people clearly didn’t and don't want important information on what happened at Rendlesham to get out. The title of the book itself reflects this issue. When the author chatted to Margaret Thatcher about the incident, Bruni reports that Thatcher replied:

‘UFOs? You must get your facts straight and you can’t tell the people.’

Thatcher, for all her faults, could be an honest and candid woman sometimes.

In many ways, Bruni’s book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident tells us more about our global society and reality itself than who or what landed in those pine woods on that December night. According to Bruni’s book, Colonel Halt, a key figure in the whole incident, supposedly said to the radio presenter Lee Speigel that:

‘He did not think the public were totally ready to hear all the facts about the case. He said that what he and others had experienced out in Rendlesham Forest was so extraordinary that if the public were made fully aware of the circumstances, it would completely change the way people look at reality and the nature of the universe.’

Other witnesses in the book also touch on how the incident opened their eyes to the nature of reality. Several of the people interviewed intimated that after the event they realised that reality is, essentially, a form of electromagnetic hologram and anyone wishing to master travel in time and space simply needs to master a control of electromagnetic phenomenon. I’ve described in my book ‘how science shows that everything important we’ve been told is wrong’ that such an idea is possible. It is scientifically possible to describe all of physical reality as an electromagnetic pattern, bound together through quantum rules. The brilliant Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman went in this direction with his Quantum Electrodynamics theory. It may be that more advanced civilisations have gone much further down this path.

An intelligent comment on what the Rendlesham Forest Incident might tell us about reality, in terms of dimensions, occurs late in Bruni's book. The author writes on page 360, (with some additional clarification by me):

‘Guy Lyon wrote an interesting feature for Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time, The Unexplained, Volume 18, entitled ‘Worlds within Worlds’, which attracted my attention. He refers to Reverend Edwin Abbot’s publication, “Flatland, a Romance of Many Dimensions”, which tells the story of boring life in Flatland [A two-dimensions reality whose geometric inhabitants have no experience or understanding of three dimension]. One day, an inhabitant of Flatland, a square, has a paranormal experience when it receives a visit from a sphere that exists in three-dimensional space. The sphere passes through the Flatland two-dimension space in front of the square. Because of Flatland being only two-dimensional, the square sees the sphere as a point appearing in the square’s reality that magically grows into a circle, then shrinks again to nothing. The square, being used to seeing stable shapes, thinks the sphere’s appearance and disappearance is impossible, magical, but in fact it was simply the effect of a stable, three-dimensional object passing through a two-dimensional plane.’

Bruni goes on to say:

‘This sounds very much like the description in Colonel Halt’s audio recording of the event when he describes the object. “It’s sorta a hollow centre, right, a dark centre, it’s like an eye winking at you. We got two strange objects, half-moon shape, the half moons have now turned into full circles as though there’s an eclipse or something there for a minute or two.’

This is a very perceptive idea, I think. In our modern civilised, we are encouraged to believe that only the physical reality we see with our five sense exists. Our so-called primitive ancestors did not believe this fallacy. Our ancient tribal societies were completely comfortable with the idea that other dimensions, other realities existed, inhabited by intelligent but strange beings. Those ancient shamen may not have used mechanical technology to visit these beings or become aware of them, but they did use chemical technology in the form of hallucinogenic tryptamine drugs. Like any technology, such drugs should be used carefully and with understanding, otherwise they’ll blow up in your face, but they are perception technology nevertheless; they enable our minds to perceive phenomena, hidden to our physical senses, that are nevertheless real. For example, the subjects of Dr Strassman’s investigations, described in his book ‘DMT: The Spirit Molecule’, made it clear to him that the beings they encountered when taking Di-Methyl Tryptamine were not concoctions of their imaginations but real beings existing in another reality, another dimension.

It’s worth noting that we do not actually need to ingest any tryptamine drugs to broaden our perceptions of other dimensions. The pineal gland inside our brains actually creates various forms of tryptamines naturally. For example, our waking existence comes about through a particular tryptamine, serotonin, flooding our neural connections. Our sleeping existence occurs when melatonin, another tryptamine, dominates our neural connections. More basic amines, such as Cadaverine, Histamine and Putrescene can negatively affect our emotional states, as I described in a previous article. The role of these amines and in particular, tryptamines, in our perception and mental state is a grossly unresearched area. I have written an article on patterns in tryptamines' structure and how they seem to match the realities they open up, but I haven't found any similar material available anywhere else.

Many Buddhists teachers strongly recommend that we should not in fact ingest any tryptamines or other hallucinogenic drugs. Instead, we should slowly develop our brains and pineal gland control through meditation so as to create these tryptamines endogenously. In this way, they explain, we can thereby avoid the dangers of uncontrolled tryptamine experiences. By mastering our own endogenous tryptamine synthesis and creation, we become the masters of our chemical ‘trips’.

Grant Cameron, a well-known UFO investigator, came to the conclusion in recent years that the key to understanding the UFO phenomenon was not to do with metal vehicles, instrument panels and engines but to focus on our mental horizons and our understanding of reality. He came to this conclusion after chatting to a senior ‘black project’ engineer in the U.S. who explained to him, off the record, that their breakthrough in understanding the workings of crashed alien craft only occurred when they explored the nature of mind-matter interactions first. According tho them, the truth is out there, but it starts in our heads.

Overall, I definitely recommend ‘You can’t tell the people’ by Georgina Bruni. It is a thorough, professional investigation of an important event by an excellent journalist and writer. Anyone who reads it cannot rationally come to any other conclusion than strange things are going on in our world, advanced people are visiting us and our governments are keeping this fact from us.