UFOs: Something strange is going on

Unidentified Flying Objects are fascinating. I can't imagine anyone who's interested in science-fiction not being interested in flying saucers; they're mysterious, alien, advanced and a little bit scary. What's more, the possibility of aliens visiting Earth, using advanced technology, is perfectly feasible too. From a statistical point of view, the chance that we're entirely alone in the galaxy is virtually nil and the chance that a sentient species on a nearby star has reached a level of technology that enables them to visit us is extremely high.

I used to be sceptical of UFO's being real, because I thought that interstellar travel was physically impossible because of the Laws of Relativity, but after reading a recent paper on manipulating space-time to travel at faster-than-light speeds, I'm now happy to accept that superluminal travel is feasible. If the physics of superluminal travel are fine, then it would be very strange indeed if no aliens had visited us in the past or were visiting us now. Therefore, according to logic and probability, there should be aliens visiting our planet right now and it's highly likely they've been visiting our planet for a long time.

But if that's true, then either those aliens are keeping a very low profile or the powers-that-be leading our countries on Earth know about them and they're keeping the fact a secret. This second possibility shouldn't really come as a shock to anyone. 'Knowledge is Power' goes the old adage and powerful people like to be as powerful as possible. We're therefore left with two possibilities; there are no aliens visiting Earth (which is statistically highly unlikely) or there are aliens visiting Earth and our governments are keeping it secret (which is statistically highly likely, but hard to prove). Which is it?

No government keeps a secret perfectly; things always leak out. If aliens are visiting our planet, then there should be information out on the web telling us about them. Unfortunately, if there is accurate, correct information, it'll be floating amongst half-baked, spurious, distorted or plain concocted material. That's natural, but it's still a drag to sift through it all. I've been doing some sifting and although I don't have anything that I'd declare to be 100% reliable truth, I have found some fascinating items. The first one that jumped out was a comment from a former Chief of Staff to the Clintons, but the best nugget I've found so far is the video below, from a government disclosure hearing. The person giving testimony is a former cabinet minister in the Canadian government. What he has to say is very interesting indeed…