This site will be mothballed-deactivated in late April

Hello, everyone. At the end of April, I'm planning to mothball-deactivate this website. It's antiquated now, with little support for feedback from readers. Its blog has also become a big headache to update and maintain. I'd also like to create a new site with a different style and the latest tools available to web sites. The new site will be, as in Sci (for science) Psi (for the Mind) and Guy (as in me). At the moment, there's only a stub at this address but by the end of April, the site should have expanded into a fun and interesting place to go for science fiction comedy and innovate popular science. Sci Psi Guy's non-fiction material will focus on the fact that science proves that minds create reality, and all the associated consequences. Sci Psi Guy's fiction material will be science fiction that's funny, philosophical, positive and generally non-violent. Some of the articles on this current site will migrate to the new site, after being updated and rewritten, but others won't, so please go ahead and download anything you want to keep.

I hope to see you there! :-)

p.s. With regard reporting on the coronavirus, I'm happy I warned everyone in late January about the magnitude of its threat and offered advice as to how to prepare for it. From this point on, I would recommend people watch Chris Martenson's daily videos.