The Wuhan Coronavirus - The plot thickens

I've often thought, over the years, that there's only a fine line between ridiculous and obvious. Conspiracy theories are a classic example of this issue. For weeks now, intelligent people on the internet have been pointing out that it's an astonishing coincidence that the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus is so close to a biohazard lab. As I explained in this previous post 'Did it come from a lab?' and then again in this post, 'the military and the scientists', I agree that it's a very suspicious connection. I think, probability-wise, that the most likely scenario for the emergence of such a potent and virulent disease as the coronavirus is that it came from a lab. This coronavirus is incredibly good at spreading itself and causing havoc. It has a high infection ability, a long incubation period and a significant mortality rate. To be honest, it's about as powerful a virus as you can make if you wanted to make a disease that spread through a country, one that avoided protection measures, and ended up crippling that country.

It is certainly possible that the coronavirus came naturally from bats, but a virus of that power should have hit the Chinese people long ago, since they've co-existed with bats for millennia. Somehow, for the virus to be a natural creation, it must have mutated very recently, into its current, super-infectious form, and then jumped across to humans. The odds of this happening are extremely low. By comparison, the odds of someone making the virus in a lab, in a 'gain-of-function' experiment, according to my earlier research, is, I think, much higher. This is especially true, considering how many biohazard labs exist, and how many 'gain of function' experiments are going on.

Up to now, our Western media has been treating the 'Covid-19 came from a lab' theory as a conspiracy theory, something not worthy of serious discussion. This may change. Today, Arirang News (which operates out of South Korea), posted this news report:

To quote from the report:

'The Wuhan Center for Disease Control, or WHCDC, could have spawned the contagion in Hubei Province. According to the report penned by Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao of the South China University of Technology,... the research lab, which is only 280 meters away from the Huanan seafood market,... kept disease-ridden animals including more than 600 bats.'

I can't find the research lab they describe on Google maps, but that's not a great surprise; such labs are hardly interested in advertising themselves. It's a fascinating piece of information. I don't recommend anyone believing the report immediately. It is always important to double-check any significant information but it is, still, a fascinating report. Whatever the truth of this matter, the plot is definitely thickening.