The Wuhan Coronavirus - 24 day incubation period?

Today's blog entry is a quick one, with good news and bad news. From this point on, I'll only post articles if there is something I can add to the coronavirus issue that I haven't seen elsewhere. Chris Martenson, who runs the YouTube channel Peak Prosperity, has been posting excellent videos nearly every day on the coronavirus. I would recommend that readers subscribe to his channel. If, in the future, he suddenly goes rabid, I'll warn everyone, but that seems unlikely. Here is his summary for today's video:


In this morning's video from Chris, he draws our attention to a new scientific study that indicates that the incubation period for the virus may be as long as 24 days (which is bad news). Fortunately, he also states in the video that 80% of people who contract the disease only get mild symptoms (which is good news). In the video he posted yesterday, he agreed with my recent speculation that the Wuhan coronavirus may be as infectious as measles. The comment in the summary above, that it spreads via droplets and aerosols, indicates a very measles-like transmissability.

It looks as if the mainstream media in the West is producing more accurate reports about the virus, although many of them are still watered down. Here is a good report from the Guardian about the virus's potential global impact. The corporate views probably can't be trusted at all. In this Guardian article about the Brighton visitor who was infected, an easyJet spokesperson commented:

“As the customer was not experiencing any symptoms, the risk to others on board the flight is very low."

This is completely false. Not only is there an incubation period for the disease, during which an infected person can be passing on the disease, but the virus particles can survive on surfaces for hours, if not days. Unfortunately, the desire of our corporations in the West to make money renders them useless as protectors of the population. To understand why they're so bad, I recommend everyone read the book The Corporation, or see its accompanying documentary.

Here is Chris's latest video: