Subquantum Kinetics theory - amazon review

Over this last year, I've read several books by Dr Paul LaViolette, including Earth Under Fire and Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion, as well as viewing some interesting talks with him on youtube. I find his work and his theories fascinating, not only because they take a fresh look at some very important matters in physics and ancient history, but also because he is a very well-qualified physicist and engineer. This makes his ideas and theories worth considering because they come from someone who definitely knows a lot about his subject.

In truth, I've balked at reading Dr LaViolette's book 'Subquantum Kinetics: A Systems Approach to Physics & Cosmology: 3rd Edition', as it looked pretty heavy going. I do not have a physics or mathematics degree and so I can zonk out if too many equations appear on the page… but I have ordered a copy and I will read it and review it here because I think it's important. What triggered my change of mind was this review on by 'Amazon customer Ian' [I've added my own comments in italicised brackets]:

3rd edition 2010. This new theory uses non-linear physics. Sub-quantum media was advocated by P.M. Dirac, de Broglie, Bohm and Vigier. An open system using 7 sub-quantum particles produces 3 effective fields being 2 electric fields and 1 gravitational field.

Light speed in a vacuum is not constant. There is a motion relative to this ether of about 370 km/s towards Leo. The Bio-Savart and Lorentz force laws are invalid. Matter is slowly created in gravity wells from zero mass which with time increases in quantum steps forming quasars. All these are confirmed in peer reviewed scientific publications.

Light energy slowly decays to produce red shifts and do not predict distance. The on-line simulations demonstrate the internal wave structure of particles, the cause of the Compton wavelength measured in scattering experiments. Electric fields can generate gravitational gradients and hence produce field propulsion allowing flight without wings or chemical reactions by surfing on a gravity wave
[for more on this, try Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion and Unconventional Flying Objects].

Current wave theories fail when particles are stationary, the wavelength goes to infinity and the particle vanishes. A wave packet will decay quickly as each monochromatic wave component will drift out of phase. Cold fusion with catalysts is possible. Anti-matter is quite rare in nature. Particle spin is due to the flow of X and Y particles. Nuclear forces are due to the interaction between X and Y particles. Special Relativity does not dilate reference frames but the lengths and time dilate within a frame.

An increase of mass due to an increased gravitational field can explain the anomalous precession of Mercury's orbit. Scalar EM waves exist as has been demonstrated by infrasonic modulated EM projector weapons as used on the USE in Cuba. Gravity waves can be produced by electrical discharges
[As reported by Nikola Tesla]. Maxwell's displacement currents do not exist. There is no relationship between cosmological redshifts and the distance to objects as the Universe cannot be expanding and therefore there was never a "Big Bang" Creation event. There is no need for any Dark Energy to accelerate expansion. Gravity decays so does not require any Dark Matter.

Blue giant stars are not fast-burning young stars about to explode but are very old and growing stars. Brown dwarf stars are the youngest which create planets, binaries, stars in clusters and dwarf galaxies. The planets have their own energy sources due to creation and are inline with plots including brown and red dwarfs which then evolve to Sun like stars. The Sun's energy generation is only 90% thermonuclear. The sun's variability is explained as can anomalous element abundances.

I would recommend reading Halton Arp's Seeing Red first to see the cosmological evidence for a steady universe where matter is created in galaxies which emit matching pairs of quasars.

This should be a warning for those who wish to study theoretical physics as this is really a mathematics course which does not pay much attention to experimental results and gives little explanation value while failing to answer even the simplest questions. These are usually ignored or suppressed in peer reviewed journals.

More extensive information is on his web site http:\\ and his blog at \

And as a final note to say the 4th edition is now expanded by 137 pages in an e-book. If you buy it from the author at\LaVioletteBooks\Book-SQK-4.html for $30 plus P&P you get a copy of the 3rd paper back edition. He summarizes this book in a series of Youtube videos Laviolette.1.mp4 to Laviolette.5.mp4 about 13 mins each. Search for these but if you don't see the first one run the first one you find, halt it look for other earlier sections in the right-hand menu and repeat this till you find number 1 and they will load in sequence.

As you can see, this is an extremely informative amazon book review, especially considering most reviews are along the lines of 'speedy delivery, thanks!'. After reading it, I decided that I had to give the book a proper try. As already mentioned, I've ordered a copy. Once I've read it, I'll review it on this website in another blog post.