'Secrets of Anti-gravity Propulsion' by Paul Laviolette - book review

My last blog entry was a review of Paul Laviolette's video talk on antigravity technology and the theoretical physics behind it. In this blog entry, I'm reviewing his book 'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion'. I'm pleased to say that it is an excellent book. Many books on the subjects of UFO technology, free energy and secret space programmes are often light on solid theory and therefore hard to believe but Dr Laviolette's book is thick with quality physics and solid experimental evidence.


Dr Laviolette is qualified and experienced as a physicist and engineer and shows it with his in-depth descriptions in the book of sub-quantum kinetics, an alternative theoretical description of the fundamental behaviour of reality. On the science direct website, there is an article by Laviolette describing this theory, entitled 'The Cosmic Ether: Introduction to Subquantum Kinetics'. The abstract reads:

"A general overview of the physics and cosmology of subquantum kinetics is presented, together with its more recently developed explanation for quantum entanglement. Subquantum kinetics is shown to be able to account for the superluminal control of the parallel-antiparallel orientation of particle spin mediated through electric potential soliton beam links established between remotely positioned, mutually entangled particles."

The first paragraph of the scientific paper (pdf) states:

"Subquantum kinetics is a unified field theory whose description of microphysical phenomena has a general systems theoretic foundation (LaViolette 1985a,b,c, 1994, 2010). It conceives subatomic particles to be Turing wave patterns that self-organize within a subquantum medium that functions as an open reaction-diffusion system. This medium, termed the transmuting ether, like the Akashic field, forms the substrate from which all physical form in our universe emerge. This ether, which requires more than three dimensions for its description, differs from 19th century mechanical ethers in that it is continually active, its multifarious components transmuting, reacting among themselves, and diffusing through space, these interweaving processes binding the ether into an organic unity."


We all know about Einstein's Relativity, which is still the official description of the universe at large scales. But Relativity assumes that only mass causes the effect of gravity. Instead, sub-quantum kinetics states that electrical charge creates the effect of gravity. According to the theory, positive charge creates a gravity well while negative charge creates a gravity hill. Since the proton's positive charge gravity well is slightly greater than the electron's negative charge gravity hill, neutral matter exhibits a small but very significant level of attraction, the force of gravity we experience every day. This crucial difference in how gravity occurs means that highly charged objects can exhibit antigravity properties, properties explored in the Hutchinson Effect, as well as the work of Thomas Townsend Brown. Sub quantum kinetics also states that our physical reality does not exist in of itself but is simply a part of a larger reality. Because of this, energy does not have to be conserved in our physical reality as long as it can draw upon energy in the larger reality; this is an ethereal ether approach, related to the 'zero-point' energy aspect of quantum physics. As the physicist Paul Czysz once stated, our physical reality is like a collection of quantised lumps of energy floating on a sea of energy. It is certainly true that many learned people would be appalled at anyone seriously changing Einstein's work, and yet Relativity still cannot be married with quantum physics, nearly a century later. This glaring shortcoming points to a serious flaw in Relativity, something that sub quantum physics appears to solve.

In the book, Laviolette covers many subjects, including the work of Nikola Tesla and his thoughts on the connection between charge and gravity as well as a study of the possible uses of the Wardenclyffe tower. The author also talks about the ability of this new physics to allow the creation of devices that draw energy from the surrounding space through a process of decoherence, drawing upon the energy inherent in physical space, to effectively create electrical energy as if from nothing. For any readers balking at the idea of energy appearing in our reality as if from nothing, it's worth noting that according to our official, standard view in physics, our entire universe came spontaneously out of nothing. Clearly, such 'free-energy' technology would end our need for fossil fuels. Unfortunately, the fate of inventors and experimenters who try to use their 'free-energy' creations to generate power, or to try to set up companies to sell such devices, is not good. The Searl Effect Generator was one such 'free-energy' device, but when the inventor began using it in his home to generate power, his life took a severe turn for the worse. To quote from the book:


"In May 1982, government agents broke into Searl's hole, confiscated an SEG unit that was under test supplying electricity to his house and tore out all the electrical wiring in his house. Citing as evidence a sequence of unusually low metered electrical bills, the Southern Electricity Board then prosecuted him on trumped-up charges of 'stealing electricity by means of a unique device,' and sued him for a large sum of money. As a result, Searl's family broke up and he became very depressed. The Court had him confined to jail for about a year and while so detained, an arsonist set his house on fire, destroying most of his records and equipment."

There is an awful lot of money at stake in energy generation and anyone with a device that might destroy the position of the established group seems to needs to tread very carefully. History shows that the enmity of those in power against a new person with a ground-breaking device has almost no limits. When Adolph Sax developed his saxophone in Paris, the existing Parisian instrument-makers were so incensed by Sax's new technology and factory that they made two attempts on his life! Searl's torment was awful to him, but it is probably the thin end of the wedge, compared to what the fossil fuel and nuclear elite would potentially do to anyone developing a 'free-energy' device.

In his book, Laviolette shows that he is not just a very clever physicist and accomplished engineer, he also does a very good job of explaining the physics involved. He also deftly explains why some explanations in the media about the nature of UFO technology are wrong. For example, he goes into detail about the flaws in Bob Lazar's explanations about UFO propulsion. Laviolette doesn't seem to think that Lazar is deliberately lying. Sadly, he thinks that Lazar may have mentally influenced to believe such unscientific ideas are true. Laviolette explains in his book that there is a long history of CIA and military 'brainwashing' of targets, including planting false memories, triggered behaviour, amnesia and suchlike. He also explains that his own personal contacts in the field of military science and fringe technologies have quietly admitted to him on more than one occasion that such activities are going on.

'Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion' is an excellent, well-researched and ground-breaking explanation of a new approach to fundamental physics. It is also a thorough investigation into evidence that the US military and others have been working on 'free-energy' and anti-gravity technologies for half-a-century or more. I definitely recommend the book and it works well with the book 'Unconventional Flying Objects' by Paul Hill. Many theories are put forward on YouTube by fringe luminaries such as Dr Stephen Greer that sound engaging but unfortunately are effectively mumbo-jumbo without in-depth explanations and real-world examples. In comparison, Laviolette's theories are grounded in solid physics. If I get a chance to read more of Laviolette's work, I'll report on it on this blog.