Secret Societies, Parasites and Climate Change

A very unusual event happened this week in Britain. The current chair of the Police Federation, Steve White, is stepping down from his role, but before leaving, he has openly stated his concerns about the continued influence of Freemasons in the British Police. He felt that they were an obstacle to reform and modernisation of the police service. To quote from the Guardian article, White said:

“It’s about trust and confidence. There are people who feel that being a Freemason and a police officer is not necessarily a good idea. I find it odd that there are pockets of the organisation where a significant number of representatives are Freemasons.”

In my experience, it’s very unusual for any person in a senior role in the UK to criticise the Freemasons. Some might say that this because the Freemasons have only a minor influence in our country. Unfortunately, White’s comments indicate that a very different problem is present; that Freemasons have a very strong influence in at least one major organisation in our country. It has been common knowledge for a long time that the Freemasons are rife in Britain's police force, its judiciary, its civil service and its military. If this is correct, then Freemasons have a great deal of influence and control over the running of British society. Is this something we should be worried about?

In a previous article, I put forward a view that top-down hierarchical organisations, by their very nature, are ideally designed for a secretive, loyal group to gain control of them. This take-over occurs in a relatively straightforward fashion. Once a member of a secretive, loyal society gets the top or near-top job in a top-down, hierarchical organisation, he can immediately begin picking other members of his secret society to fill the posts beneath him, since recruitment is always top-down in that organisation. In next to no-time, the entire management structure of the organisation becomes populated with members of this secret group. In a bottom-up hierarchical organisation, this strategy is impossible, as it’s the members of the team to be managed that pick their new leader, rather than one chosen by a more senior manager whom they never see and who knows only a little about their day-to-day tasks.

Therefore, top-down hierarchical organisations, which dominate the Western World, are tailor-made for secret societies. But there is a down-side. Since these society members are choosing their fellow members over anyone else, the quality of the organisation’s employees gets worse. In a meritocracy, the best person is chosen for the post, or at least those involved try to get the best person. By comparison, secret society members do not choose the best, they choose their fellow member instead. In this way, secret societies are parasitic. They benefit from the functioning of the host that they inhabit but their presence weakens the host’s health.

How do secret societies get around this inevitable negative consequence of their existence? On the one hand, as they exist in a larger society, filled with top-down hierarchical organisations, they are in a world tailor-made for their own supremacy. They can even control the decisions of the organisations over which they’ve gained control. These factors give them great power, a power that they can even hide from the general public. On the other hand, their very existence weakens the society that they inhabit. Eventually, as they proliferate, the larger society they inhabit would become so incompetent that it could collapse. Their success therefore sows the inevitable seeds for their demise.

In the animal world, there is an entire class of creatures who face this very-same dilemma. They also invade a host, then populate themselves within it and change its behaviour to protect themselves and maximise their control. These creatures are known as Behaviour-Altering Parasites. These creatures have two possible solutions to the inevitable decline of their host; firstly, they can make their hosts reproduce fast enough to keep up with their own rate of growth, but this strategy only works until the host reaches its maximum population in that local environment. Once that happens, the parasite has not choice but to switch to a second solution; they change into a form that can fly, float or swim off to a new environment and a new host group, often with the zombie-like help of their host organism. Cordyceps Unilateralis is a classic example of such a parasite.

It’s interesting to note that since civilisation started in around 4,000 BC, our major religions, of which secret societies are often closely linked, have carried out a clear-cut plan of maximum population expansion of their members, along with a maximum exploitation of their environment. Catholicism in particular instructs its members to maximally reproduce, thereby creating an endless supply of new members.

But what of the second solution; sucking the host dry and flying off? Would secret societies on our planet really be so callous, if given the opportunity, to suck the rest of us dry, abandon us to our deaths and then fly off? To answer this question, It’s worth asking another question. What is the mentality of any secret society that operates as a behaviour-controlling parasite?

Fortunately, because of the unavoidable parameters of parasitic existence described above, this is relatively easy to work out.

Firstly, any thinking parasite would inevitably develop a contempt for its host. It is impossible for a parasite to be compassionate towards its host and negatively feed off and control it at the same time. It is true that parasite would have a pragmatic need to keep the host from dying too quickly but that is only its self-interest at work, in the short term.

Therefore, if there are secret societies in control of our global, developed society, they will inevitably have developed a deep-seated contempt for us, the general global population.

A second trait for a behaviour-altering parasite is that it will always has a complete disinterest in its local environment in the long term. This is because the parasite will inevitably leave that local environment, once its negative influence overwhelms its host’s health, and travel to a new one. It is true that the parasite will have a pragmatic need to maintain the health of its local environment for a short time, but this is only the case until it has developed into its flying-form. Once it does that, and is able to leave its host, its local environment becomes irrelevant.

Therefore, if there are secret societies in control of our global developed society, they will have only pragmatic, short-term interest in Earth’s environment. What’s more, they will have no interest in it at all, once they have developed an ability to leave it.

The above two factors create a third factor. Since any thinking parasite will have contempt for its host, and also for its local environment in the long term, the parasite will always treat its local environment as disposable. Once it's developed into its flying stage, it will happily accelerate the worsening of its host’s health, and that of its local environment, to maximise its own health before it flies off. During this process, the parasite’s ability to control its host’s thinking and behaviour comes in very handy, because its host would inevitably fight such a downward spiral.

Therefore, if there are secret societies in control of our global, developed society and they are preparing to leave Earth, they will be accelerating the destruction of our planet just to maximise the success of their own departure.

At this point, some readers might notice an alarming coincidence. Our planet is currently undergoing climate change because of the relentless burning of fossil fuels by the population of the developed world, as part of an irrational drive to consume and possess vast amounts of unnecessary items. The main recipients of this burning and buying spree are a very small number of extremely wealthy people, many of whom are connected to secret, esoteric societies such as Skull and Bones, the Rosicrucians, far-right cliques of the World’s Religions and so on. These secret societies have all existed, in their various incarnations, since the beginning of civilisation itself. They were there when our population was small and our environment was hospitable and they have been close to power, or in power, as our population sky-rocketed and our planet’s resources were used up.

It's chilling to note that at the same time as encouraging us to destroy our climate through relentless consumption, that same elite are spending a very large amount of money to stop us worrying about climate change, or changing our behaviour to lessen its effect. Our scientists have already worked out that climate change will collapse western civilisation and cause a catastrophic reduction in our global population by 2100. This information is available and yet all of us continue to manically burn and buy, egged on and guided by our media and corporations, which are almost entirely owned by our planet's tiny but astronomically wealthy elite.

There are only a few ways that this demented scenario can makes sense. One of them is that we are, in fact, an infected host, living through the final stage before our parasite’s departure. We are being run into the ground by our parasite so that it can maximise its own health before it leaves. It will fly off, abandon us to a grisly death, and head for a fresh environment and a new host-group to infect.

Such a scenario only works if the behaviour-modifying parasite can fly. Some readers may contest that no secret society in the developed world at the moment has the technology or resources to leave planet Earth and make a new home elsewhere. Since they can't, the scenario is invalid. Unfortunately, multiple sources of evidence, such as the theoretical viability of anti-gravity technology, the trillions of dollars that have disappeared into black projects and offshore accounts, reports of the U.S. military taking alien technology and other material indicate that certain powerful groups on our planet now have technology far in advance of what is available to the general public. Those powerful and secretive groups seem to have the money, the technology and the moral viewpoint to make it happen.

Another possible flaw in the 'elite leaving' theory is that NASA, the Western World's main civilian space organisation, would tell us if they saw strange craft flying around Earth. Since NASA haven't, nothing must be going on. Unfortunately, NASA's own loyalties may be very different to its official stance. It's worth noting that NASA's founding figures included several ex-Nazis, in particular Werner Von Braun (a former SS Colonel) and Walter Dornberger (accused of running slave camps at Pennemunde). It hardly needs stating that the Nazis and, in particular, the SS, were keen on secret societies and their loyalties were not towards the general population of our planet. With such founding figures, along with the very dark and murky accusations that the Third Reich was at least partly financed by America Oligarchs, it might be prudent to take anything NASA tells us with a pinch of salt.

It would be good to think that if secret societies on our planet are carrying out this dark agenda, we could stop it. We could investigate suspected groups, catch them, put them in court and lock them away out of harm. All we'd need for this would be the cooperation and loyalty of our police force, our military, our government staff and our judiciary… Oh. By strange coincidence, this is the same set of people mentioned at the beginning of this article. Perhaps such an investigation isn't going to happen, or succeed, even if it is needed.


Strangely enough, there is one positive consequence if the repulsive scenario outlined in this article is correct. Once a parasite has left its host, the host is parasite-free, as long as it stays alive. What's more, the host's environment may have been trashed as a result of the parasite’s influence, but the greater harshness of the host's new existence also has a benefit as it prevents the spread of a new parasite in the host's group. Parasites only thrive when their host’s lives are easy. If the life of a parasite’s host is harsh, the first parasite’s negative influence will rapidly kills its host and itself before it can spread. In this way, a harsh existence can be a blessing for a group because there's no room for parasites to thrive.

This situation may become true on a post-climate-change Earth. Our future brethren that do survive in its harsh environment will live a tough life, but they may become the most liberated and free members of our species to have existed for a very long time.