Sample chapters for 'Amber Robots' sci-fi novel

I have now finished my science-fiction comedy novel 'The Amber Robots of Loving Death'. This novel has been through many incarnations but I'm now perfectly happy with it. I'd describe it as an accessible, though-provoking, fun science-fiction novel for adults. If you'd like to read the first three chapters, here's the file as a pdf. I don't have a publisher for it yet but I'll post any relevant news on this blog as and when.

Here's the first three paragraph:

One million years ago, in the Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way, there was a beautiful solar system consisting of a golden sun, circled by ten majestic planets. On the system’s third planet lived a race called the Floo. They were highly advanced and had reached the stage in their development where they no longer cared about technology. Instead, they spent their days thinking deeply about about life, the universe and the very nature of existence.

After a century of thought, the Floo came to a sobering conclusion; life was fundamentally about suffering. To exist was to feel pain, cold, hurt, loneliness, heartache and misery. As the Floo were a compassionate and caring species, they were very upset at this state of affairs. They wanted to end that suffering and help all creatures enduring such torment. Eventually, after much discussion and analysis, they decided what they needed to do; kill everyone.

The Floo went over their reasoning many times, but they could see no flaw in their logic. If they truly cared about the endless suffering of all other living creatures, they should do their best to limit that suffering as much as possible, by ending all life in the universe. They therefore built ten-thousand highly-advanced, near-invulnerable machines known as the Amber Robots of Loving Death, all equipped to travel rapidly through the galaxy, annihilating all life as they went, while doing it in as caring and painless a way as possible. The Floo did accept that some living creatures might not actually want to be killed by homicidal mechanoids, and so they programmed their robots to only kill unhappy people. Unfortunately, this didn’t help much as once everyone in the galaxy had heard about the Amber Robots of Loving Death, the sight of one approaching invariably make the person concerned feel very unhappy indeed, which was exactly the wrong way to be.