Revisiting the Disclosures interviews

One big problem with trying to find out what's really going on in the world, and how everything actually works, is having to wade the through misguided, incompetent theories and flat-out lies. Unfortunately, this is probably inevitable. Since Knowledge is Power, those that possess most of the money in the world will logically try to accumulate all the knowledge, then hide it from everyone else. They'll also pay people to lie and make up spurious theories to distract everyone else from that truth. They'll also do their best to encourage false theories created by others, and discourage correct theories from reaching a large audience.

The net effect of such a strategy would be that the greater the media exposure of a controversial theory, the more likely that it's wrong. This situation also creates a sad side-effect; intelligent readers who only look at the most well-known theories will rapidly see that they're false and conclude the whole area is bunk, when in fact important and correct theories do exist, they're just being ignored and/or suppressed.

For example, it's relatively straightforward to work out that the Great Pyramid was built to fire a ray of light at Alpha Draconis (Thuban) as it moved on to the celestial North Pole in 2787 BC and yet no one talks about this idea in the mainstream media. By comparison, other theories about the Great Pyramid, based on debatable clues that have no connection to Alpha Draconis and 2787 BC, are more popular and strongly promoted. This is a shame, as the Great Pyramid's design and purpose, if rationally investigated scientifically, could positively transform our understanding of many key areas of our knowledge. I've talked before about what the Great Pyramid says about life and death and the human spirit, particularly in my graphic novel. It also tells us a lot about the massive power source present in our planet that we seem to making no effort to harness. Then again, it's possible that some top secrets groups probably are working on harnessing its power, they're just not telling us. This article is about such clandestine research and discoveries; what have these powerful groups found?

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Sometimes, the people in power do allow something true to enter the mainstream. The reasons they do this vary and are invariably hard to pin down, but they do seem to happen. I think the Disclosures event in the U.S. was one of these 'doors opening'. Dr Greer, who organised the event, interviewed a lot of very interesting people, including Dr LaViolette, who I've mentioned several times before on this website. The interviewees described some fascinating things. My favourite interviewees are William Pawelec, Dr Paul Czysz, Dr LaViolette, Lt Col Thomas Bearden and Don Phillips. I would definitely recommend everyone watching the interviews with these people. Although some of the interviewees that appear in the Disclosures project seem to be either lying or recounting false information, as far as I can tell, these five people seem to be honest and keen to pass on correct knowledge. I would also add that I personally don't think that everything Dr Greer says is true; I think it's probably that he's being fed false information and isn't revealing everything he knows, but those five interviewees seem sound to me.

The Disclosures interview with Don Phillips is below. His long interview has clearly been extensively edited, unfortunately, but it still contains lots of fascinating information. For example, the use of electromagnetic radiation to detect and cure cancer is an interesting revelation, and highly likely from a scientific perspective, in my opinion. His anti-gravity comments agree with the sub quantum kinetics theory in Dr Laviolette's book. His comment that twelve alien races are visiting us or have bases on earth is, I think, likely and agreed with by Paul Hellyer, former Defence Minister of Canada. It also agrees with the remote viewing reports of Pat Price, who sadly died in mysterious circumstances. Don's comments about the Roswell filing cabinet agree with Colonel Corso's book. Finally, his mention of harnessing Earth's power links with the way the Great Pyramid was powered agree with the books of Christopher Dunn.

It's true that Don Phillips' testimony in the video is still, at the end of the day, the statement of one man with no physical proof to support it but to me he seems to be honest, sharply intelligent and motivated to spread knowledge. I therefore think it's likely that all of what he says is true.