One year to go to the BPE

In November of last year, I wrote an article in which I gathered together several predictions of our future. The predictions came from different sources, such as people who had experienced Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing reports, Hopi Indian predictions and on a personal note, a vivid dream I had that had a lasting effect. All the predictions were surprisingly similar. They stated that climate change, combined with natural events and possibly external sources, would create chaos on Earth, including some kind of huge eruption. The different groups that were reporting these matters did not specify exactly when such calamities would occur, simply that they would occur and in our lifetimes.

My vivid dream was more specific about when these calamities would occur. It made it clear that there would be a huge explosion or eruption right at the beginning of 2019 that would produce large amounts of black smoke. This event would be dramatic but not cataclysmic. Then, in the first few days of June 2019, there would be a cataclysmic eruption of fine, grey ash on Earth. This would be so large that it would spread over the planet. A month later, a vast amount of dark smoke covers everything, and it lasts for years. I was intrigued that this dream correlates well with a remote viewing report described in Jim Marrs book 'Psi Spies' and therefore I've guessed that the massive fine-grey-ash eruption will be from a volcano in the Cascade range.

Being scientifically-minded, I don't think this eruption will definitely occur but I do personally believe that it is possible to predict large-scale future events. This is because science proves that our minds originate outside of physical reality. Our minds therefore have the potential to perceive moments in time beyond those perceived by our physical senses. It is a definite fact that there will be a massive eruption in our future, as probability and climate change make this inevitable. The psi part is simply working out when and where it will happen, and to what scale. This why I'm calling the June 2019 Eruption prediction my Big Prediction Experiment. If there is an eruption in the first few days of June 2019, then my dream was spot-on and it's a convincing proof that a precise prediction of some events in our future can be done. It's worth noting that this doesn't mean all future events are predictable. Our current choices and decisions affect many aspects of our future, making lots of future outcomes uncertain, but our choices and actions can't do much about a massive volcanic eruption, so that event is potentially predictable to a high degree.

There are several ways for readers to react to this idea. Some will simply dismiss it as ridiculous; this is unscientific but understandable. Others will say 'let's see', confident that nothing will happen and I'll simply look foolish for talking about it. Still others will point out that if such a massive eruption is coming, and all of us have the potential to perceive it with our minds, why is Adrian Ellis the only one talking about it? This is a valid question to ask. Why should I be the only one who senses clearly what's coming?

To answer the question 'why would only one oddball be predicting a massive eruption in 2019?', it's worth making a sober assessment of who is in power on our planet and their agendas. After a decade of studying this topic, on and off, it's clear to me that a small elite, who possess most of the wealth of the world, are lording it over the rest of us. This isn't paranoia, it's simple fact. Our wealth distribution and history makes it undeniable. To be honest, the only reason that much of the world enjoys a feeling of freedom is that a population who feels free is more productive, particularly in high-tech and high-skilled areas. Apart from that, the power-elite control us as much as they possibly can.

This power-elite is aware that our population is spiralling out of control, and that climate change will inevitably bring everything crashing down on our planet. They have known this since 1959. But what to do about it? How does one solve a spiralling population and an impending global environmental collapse? This was the core question described in the controversial programme Alternative 3, shown in Britain in the 1970's. Alternative 3 seemed far ahead of its time on the idea of climate change, but in fact it was televised twenty years after Teller had explained that problem to the rich-and-powerful in New York.

The three Alternatives in Alternative 3 were as follows: 1) Drastically reduce the world population to reduce their effect on the climate 2) Go underground. 3) Leave Earth. These are logical and since the power-elite of our planet will almost certainly regard themselves as superior to the rest of us, as well as being a group who are happy to exhibit a ruthless self-serving streak when required, it's highly likely that they would attempt to carry out all three alternatives. With regard to the first alternative, the power-elite would probably say that 99% of us will be dead by 2100 due to climate change whatever happens, so it makes little difference how that reduction comes about. Books such as Climate Wars explain clearly how our population would fall even if no dark plan of culling was carried out. We would slowly be decimated by drought, starvation, mass-migration, civil wars, border-wars, supply-chain collapse, more starvation etc.

Our power-elite therefore know that 99% of us are effectively doomed but, like cattle to the slaughterhouse, they would logically want us to be quiescent right up to the last minute. This is especially true if they were working on Alternatives 2 & 3. They would therefore want to suppress any warning signs among the rest of us that terrible things will soon happen to us. This would explain why no one's hearing any predictions about calamities in 2019 (apart from this minor website). But such suppression is not an easy task, since the suppressing of information and the silencing of voices can, all by itself, increase alarm. The logical strategy is therefore to forcibly silence voices, while making sure that the silencing of them is mistaken for an accident, illness, insanity, technical fault etc.

Many readers would still contend that even if powerful groups were silencing whistleblowers, someone would leak out this information if it really was known. A friend of mine recently used that argument to dismiss all conspiracy theories. His view is correct, but only to a limited degree. For example, there is vast amounts of evidence available showing the gaping flaws in the JFK assassination and 9/11's official reports, but none of it enters the mainstream, not because it is wrong but because the media refuses to promote it. By comparison, predictions about our future are a far more tenuous subject, and so they have even less chance of appearing in the mainstream media.

But my friend was correct to some degree. Somebody, sometime, surely would blow the whistle if large-scale, secret programmes were afoot. The following video seems to back up his claim:

It includes the audio recording of a caller who claimed to have worked at Area 51. He tells the radio-show host that disasters are coming, and the government-military leaders know all about it, but they're not telling the rest of us. According to the recording, twenty-seconds into the call, the man is cut off and the station's transmitter is silenced in an unknown way, for the first time in the host's experience. A month later, another caller rings up the station and explains that he was the Area 51 caller and he did it as a hoax. This doesn't add up, logically, as he would not have been able to take out the station's transmitter.

Such a call fits with the scenario outlined in this article. I don't know if the caller was genuine but the events do fit with someone trying to blow the whistle on such a top-level secret. I personally try to be balanced and rationally-sceptical about anything unusual but the recent loss of my website to an American cyber-defence company has certainly made me more suspicious. Are powerful groups trying to shut me up? I don't know but personally, I'd recommend that people start prepping.