Mysterious excavated passage in the Great Pyramid antechamber

While browsing Youtube, I found this very interesting video about the Great Pyramid, created by 'Ancient Architects'. Ancient Architects is creating a lot of videos about ancient mysteries and their videos are invariably accessible, interesting and enjoyable. This video includes a short explanation of the theory of Jean Pierre Houdin, who believes that there is a secret access door to the King's Chamber, leading to hidden chambers, who's location may have been recently detected by muon scattering.

The special reason I'm mentioning this particular video in my blog is that it reports that there is now an excavated passage in the Great Pyramid's antechamber. I had no idea that this access passage existed. The video's author reports that the passage was recently excavated, then sealed off from the public by a locked, iron-grille door.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 20.08.46

If the video's report is correct, then it is blatantly clear that Zahi Hawass, or whoever is currently in charge at Giza, is positively obstructing public knowledge of the Great Pyramid and its true purpose, as well as its contents. Hopefully, this obstruction by the Egyptian authorities can't last forever and the general public will finally discover the true contents and purpose of that magnificent monument.

I personally think that the Great Pyramid was built for the passage of the star Thuban in 2787BC, which would mean that the Pyramid was built for something entirely different to the official line, at a very different time to the official date. This theory is based on clear astronomy and hard survey data, and I think it is beyond argument, but I'm not holding my breath until its official acceptance! :-)

Anyway, here's the video: