'Magicians of the Gods' book review

My Christmas Holiday reading this year has been 'Magicians of the Gods' by Graham Hancock. Over the last couple of decades, Hancock has written a lot of very interesting books on Giza, Atlantis, South America and related topics and has been one of the leading lights working to promote the idea that Atlantis, or at least and advanced antediluvian civilisation, did exist but was wiped out at the end of our last ice-age. Fortunately for us, some of its inhabitants survived and helped re-start civilisation around the globe and the remains of those ancient civilisation are still present today in various sites, such as in South America, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia and Australia.

In Magicians of the Gods, Hancock puts forward evidence that an advanced antediluvian civilisation did exist on Earth in our last ice-age but was wiped out by the Younger Dryas impact, then a massive flood a thousand years after that terrible event, which also ended the ice-age, leaving Earth with a sea level far higher than before, thus drowning many ancient cities. A lot the related material has appeared in previous Hancock books, and so anyone who has read his previous books will be tempted to skim some pages of this one; I certainly did. In the end, I did enjoy 'Magicians of the Gods' but I think it added little new material to the topic that I hadn't heard before. I do still recommend it but perhaps it's more appropriate for someone just entering the whole topic of Atlantis.

I think it's also worth noting what Graham Hancock hasn't put in his book. Most importantly, Hancock is completely committed to the idea that the Younger Dryas Impact Event was caused by a periodic comet, akin to Halley's Comet. He mentions the Taurids and how our solar system's movement around our galactic centre brings us into regions of dense material, which trigger cometary events.

The problem with this periodic comet theory, which Hancock doesn't mention in his book, is that our ancestors clearly told us that the catastrophes that befall Earth, including the Younger Dryas Impact event, are fundamentally connected to celestial precession. Hancock's book makes this clear, as he talks extensively about the predictions engraved in Gobekli Tepi, something I've also written about. Therefore, the cataclysms our planet receives should therefore be causally linked to celestial precession; they should not just be a strange and astonishing coincidence. It's certainly possible that a periodic comet bombardment would precisely match the same periodicity as the precession of Earth's axis, but it's extremely unlikely.

Fortunately, Dr Paul Laviolette has shown in his book Earth Under Fire that there is a causal link between celestial precession and the bombardment of Earth by comets/asteroids. He explains that Earth's celestial precession is 2 x 12,960 years because the centre of our galaxy regularly sends out bursts of gravity, matter and energy and these bursts have entrained the spin of our planet. Along with these entraining gravity bursts come comets and asteroids, disturbed by the gravity wave, that pound our planet and cover it with interstellar dust, the 'black rain' mentioned in so many ancient stories.

The 'why' of the cometary strikes may be a point of discussion but Hancock does still state the same warning as Dr LaViolette does in his book. They both state categorically that we are due another bombardment at any moment, as we're 12,960 after the last bombardment, the Younger Dryas Impact Event. In 'Magicians of the Gods', Hancock gives a target date for this new bombardment of sometime between 1960 and 2040, based on his and others interpretation of the 'vulture stone' warning inscription at Gobekli Tepi. Dr LaViolette, in comparison, says the next bombardment and gravity-wave strike is imminent, a view he clearly stated in a recent email to me. There is also the Mesopotamian warning, stated in Gavin White's 'Babylonian Star Lore' book, that the next global cataclysm will occur when 'The Fox gnaws at the Rope of Heaven'. According to my research, the Fox is the star Polaris and the Rope of Heaven in the celestial North Pole, around which the stars rotate in our sky. Due to celestial precession, Polaris is at its closest point to the celestial North Pole at this very moment. In other words, the Fox is gnawing at the Rope of Heaven right now.

From my point of view, if my vivid dream is correct, then we won't have to wait until 2040 for the next bombardment, or even the next decade. Instead, the cataclysm is going to happen in the first few days of June, 2019. I'll only feel certain that my foreboding dream is correct if there is a major eruption/explosion in the first few days of the New Year, which the dream also predicted, but even if that eruption/explosion doesn't occur, I would still fully agree with Graham Hancock and Dr Paul LaViolette. We absolutely have to start preparing for a global cataclysm immediately.