Freemasonry and cooking

Robert Sepehr produces many interesting videos on Youtube, several of which I've posted on this website in the past. He focusses on a variety of topics, including underground civilisations, unusual bloodlines, historical cults and related material. Today, I'm posting a video he created of a French film, 'Forces Occultes' or Occult Forces - subtitled 'The mysteries of Freemasonry unveiled for the first time on the screen'. It was released in 1943 and was the last film to be directed by ex-Freemason Paul Riche (the pseudonym of Jean Mamy). According to Sepehr, Mamy was later executed for revealing Freemasonry secrets. To quote from Sepehr's post, 'the film recounts the life of a young member of parliament who joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how the Freemasons are conspiring to encourage France into a war against Germany'. Here it is:

I've talked before on this website about secret societies and the negative effects they have on our civilisation. If we combine the presence of such secret societies with the continual use of top-down hierarchies, where the leader for a group is chosen not by that group that he or she will lead, but by people further up in that hierarchy, then we inevitably create a country that will be effectively controlled by the country's dominant secret society. This is an idea I've talked about at length in an earlier article. What's worse, our modern communications technology makes international groups much easier, and so it's highly likely that an entire section of our planet is now controlled by one or more dominant secret societies. This situation is sometimes referred to as a Synarchy. This isn't a paranoid conspiracy theory but a logical and rational consequence of a) top-down hierarchies and b) allowing secret societies to exist whose members always choose a kinsman over anyone else.

It's likely that the control of countries by secret societies has been true, more or less, from the very beginnings of civilisation. We, as a species, haven't changed much and the trappings of civilisation are fundamentally the same as they were in Ancient Mesopotamia, so there's no reason to believe that the power of secret societies is any different now to what it was in 2000 BC. In the past, the dark side of such a power structure have been kept hidden. The senior members of those secret groups have been immune and protected, even if they were paedophiles or murderers. Nowadays, more of such foul deeds by these powerful people are being uncovered, but those perpetrators are mostly getting off scot-free. The recent case of Archbishop Vigano going into hiding after whistleblowing shows that certain groups are entirely above the law.

Once secret societies gain a powerful grip, then even if they had good intentions, their power is likely to corrupt them.Their members will begin to see themselves as the masters and overlords of the rest of us, and easily see us as serfs, slaves, animals (such as ants or bees) and a stupid rabble to be controlled and manipulated. If this occurs, then they are most likely to adopt, or try to adopt, a social system similar to the Spartans of Ancient Greece, where a tiny elite control everyone else through a process of instilling fear and making sure the masses are dumbed down / sickened, so that they are incapable of overthrowing their controllers. I discussed such an idea in this earlier article. As in indication of this mentality, it may not be a coincidence that bees feature strongly in Freemasonry artwork.

Apart from the negative effects of secret control, Freemasonry is also a tragic situation because it seems to holds important and illuminating information from our ancient past, which most of us will never see. As far as I can tell from my research, Freemasonry originates from Ancient Egypt and its rituals and practices are based on the knowledge and skills of the high priests of that civilisation. The Ancient Egyptian priests' knowledge and skills were, most likely, in turn passed on to them from highly advanced individuals. These individuals either came from another planet or who were on Earth in our very distant past and developed the ability to travel to other planets and stars. As I've explained in my laser beam from Sirius article, the Great Pyramid and 2787 BC article and the Ancient Astral Secrets article, Ancient Egypt clearly had advanced technology and knowledge of remote star systems. This information was passed on to the Greeks by the Egyptians and survived through the following millennia, held particularly by the Knight's Templar, Greek mystery cults and Renaissance groups. After the attack on the Templars by King Philip of France, that powerful and extremely wealthy group scattered to Scotland, Switzerland, Portugal and even the North East of the United States, a feat that the Templar fleets could certainly have achieved. Freemasonry, emerging from Scotland a few centuries after the demise of the Templars, continued with surprisingly similar practices and clearly was strongly influential in developing a modern Western world with its power bases in the North-East of the United States, Britain and Switzerland. These people now have great power and advanced knowledge and are passing none of it on to the rest of us.

The second sad thing, for me, about Freemasonry in terms of its connections to its ancient origins, is that it seems to be a pale, twisted version of what originally inspired it. The original high priests of Ancient Egypt seem to have possessed advanced mental powers, including control of water, control of spirits, near-magical healing and other incredible abilities, reported in the Old Testament and other ancient texts. Such abilities are not fantasy; they are possible. I know they seem impossible to us modern Westerners but that is only because we are in a society that makes virtually no effort to develop its citizens' mental prowess. We are like bed-bound, obese people mocking the possibility that anyone could run twenty-six miles in three hours. Alexandra David-Neils' excellent book, Magic and Mystery in Tibet, shows that such abilities were present in medieval Tibet. The Old Testament shows that they were present in the Near-East in the millennia before Christ and the New Testament shows that Christ possessed them, an ability that the early Gnostic Christian church explained was potentially available to everyone, not just one enlightened individual. If we go further back, the Hindu Sanskrit texts talk about Siddhis, seemingly magical abilities that anyone can develop given enough mental training and effort. In Dean Radin's fascinating books, Real Magic and Supernormal, the author explains that such abilities are scientifically possible, once one ignores our current dominant scientific dogma of Materialism and studies how reality actually works.

To put it bluntly, if you spend enough time on your mental development, you can gain the near-magical abilities that the Ancient Egyptian priests possessed. You don't need to join a secret society to get those abilities, you just need the time, the will and the knowledge to become effectively a wizard, like those Ancient Egyptian priests, for they were the archetypal wizards, bearded man in conical hats walking around with their was staffs, seeing distant places in their mind's eye, ordering djinn to do their bidding, raising people from the dead or killing them by mental intent. They were also creators and manufacturers, which is why they wore an apron, like a blacksmith or cook. Freemasonry members might also wear aprons, but their seeming obsession with ritual and pomp won't help them get closer to those ancient sorcerers, in the same way that putting on a blacksmith's apron won't help anyone make a sword. You've got to study, practice and have the will and motivation to develop the skill, while repeatedly getting hurt in the process.

A while back, I had an interesting dream. I was in some sort of pillared, beautiful space with other people. I was being tested, or simply demonstrating my ability. I had my hands out, my palms facing each other and between my fingers were small floating items. I was holding them in the air in front of me using the chi energy coming from my hands. I made the items spin, gather together, fuse and morph into something new. This seemed to go down well with the people I was with. Possibly because I'd passed a test, I then put on a charcoal-grey, soft-leather apron with brown, string-like cords. In the middle of the apron, at around the height of my sternum, there was an Eye of Horus decoration. I assume it was relevant because it most likely signifies our third eye or pineal gland inner eye, and therefore our awareness of the spiritual world.

I liked the dream because it was clear and practical and it made me think about the origins of Freemasonry. I think it's very likely that the original Ancient Egyptian craftsmen that inspired the Freemasons were fascinating individuals with incredible but possible abilities, unlike Freemasonry itself, which seems to be a ritualistic, pompous, self-serving secret society, at least according to the film mentioned in this article. I strongly feel that the human race needs to abandon such societies if we are ever going to fulfil our huge potential and progress into a new era of peace, honesty and compassion.