Electromagnetic resonance of the Great Pyramid

Last month, a scientific paper was published in the Journal of Applied Physics that showed that the Great Pyramid concentrates and resonates electromagnetic radiation, in particular radio waves in the 250m-wavelength range. The authors, Mikhail Balezin, Kseniia V. Baryshnikova, Polina Kapitanova, and Andrey B. Evlyukhin explain in their paper that by modelling the Great Pyramid, in an albeit simplified form, they found that it naturally can 'collect and concentrate electromagnetic energy'. The image below shows the results of the modelling and how the e-m radiation intensifies within and beneath the pyramid.


Not surprisingly, the web is alive with discussions, articles and comments about this revelation. This youtube video by Bright Insight talks about it at length. The guy speaks well, covers many key points and has great teeth (unlike my English teeth, which should never be seen in daylight). In his video, Bright Insight touches upon a very important point, that the author Christopher Dunn put forward the idea that the Great Pyramid was drawing energy from the Earth to power a maser, a microwave laser.

Dunn's book explains that the Great Pyramid was designed to function as a maser, a microwave laser. Its Queen's Chamber produced hydrogen gas chemically by mixing two ingredients. This gas then filled the King's Chamber, whose exit shafts were sealed with thin layers of gold. The granite walls of the chamber contained a high percentage of quartz crystals. According to Dunn, its builders deliberately chose granite blocks from Aswan, rather than nearer quarries, because that granite had the highest percentage of quartz crystals naturally embedded within the granite. Quartz crystals are piezo-electric; in other words, when compressed, they emit electromagnetic radiation, a phenomenon that was used in Sonar. They also do the opposite, vibrating when given an electric charge; this is how the quartz movement in watches works.

If the walls of the King's Chamber were vibrated, this would compress the quartz crystals embedded within them, which would then emit radio-waves. If the King's Chamber contained hydrogen or ammonia gas (created through a chemical reaction in the Queen's Chamber) and the chamber had the right seals on its shafts, this would then trigger maser-like behaviour in the King's Chamber. The chamber would fill with microwave radiation until a certain intensity was reached, at which point it would electromagnetically 'burst through' the gold seals and an electromagnetic ray of a very specific frequency would emerge from the shaft. As I've explained in my Great Pyramid and 2787BC article, this ray was designed to hit Alpha Draconis, while that star (a.k.a Thuban) was over the celestial North Pole in 2787 BC.

For the maser to work, Dunn needed some way that for the granite of the chamber to vibrate. He noticed that the Great Pyramid had been built so that its size and dimensions mirrored the size and dimensions of the Earth. Clearly, the Great Pyramid isn't a sphere, but its weight and the angle of its vertices are ideal matches for the Earth's size and weight. Dunn then postulated that this caused the pyramid to physically vibrate in resonance to the Earth's natural frequency of vibration. This physical vibration then stimulated the quartz crystals in the King's Chamber to emit radiation. Dunn guessed that in order for physical resonant vibration to occur, the pyramid would need some kind of 'vibration support' component, hidden from view, that enabled the pyramid's physical resonant vibration with the Earth to occur.

But in fact, Balezin's paper indicates that a physical resonant vibration with the Earth was not needed; instead, the Great Pyramid naturally focussed Earth's electromagnetic radiation. If the pyramid's builders designed it so that its King's Chamber had capacitance properties, that area would form a charge. This charge would then cause the quartz crystals in the chamber's walls to vibrate, like the quartz movement in a watch. This movement would then cause them to naturally emit radio-waves of a certain frequency. In this way, once the chamber is filled with hydrogen or ammonia gas, the maser forms. It is a beautifully elegant system. The designers of the Great Pyramid clearly knew that once they built that pyramid, and its King's Chamber was filled with gas, it would emit a microwave maser beam. No moving parts were needed and no external power supply was needed apart from the Earth itself!

It is a fascinating new piece in the jigsaw of the Great Pyramid's true design and purpose. Dunn was on the right track; all that he got wrong was that no physical vibrational resonance with the Earth was needed. Instead, the Great Pyramid's physical properties caused an electromagnetic focussing to occur. This then created a charge which induced physical vibration of the quartz crystals in the granite through the piezo-electric effect. They then emitted radio-waves that stimulated a maser to form in the King's Chamber, once it was filled with hydrogen or ammonia gas. Brilliant stuff!