DNA, fractal antennae and Sirius

Last week, I stumbled upon a science paper published in the International Journal in Radiation Biology, entitled ‘DNA is a fractal antenna in electromagnetic fields’. The paper’s abstract (or concise overview) is as follows:

PURPOSE: To review the responses of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to electromagnetic fields (EMF) in different frequency ranges, and characterise the properties of DNA as an antenna.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: We examined published reports of increased stress protein levels and DNA strand breaks due to EMF interactions, both of which are indicative of DNA damage. We also considered antenna properties such as electronic conduction within DNA and its compact structure in the nucleus.

RESULTS: EMF interactions with DNA are similar over a range of non-ionising frequencies, i.e., extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) ranges. There are similar effects in the ionising range, but the reactions are more complex.

CONCLUSIONS: The wide frequency range of interaction with EMF is the functional characteristic of a fractal antenna, and DNA appears to possess the two structural characteristics of fractal antennas, electronic conduction and self symmetry. These properties contribute to greater reactivity of DNA with EMF in the environment, and the DNA damage could account for increases in cancer epidemiology, as well as variations in the rate of chemical evolution in early geologic history.

In other words, the researchers found that DNA is a lot like a radio antenna, in that it can pick up electromagnetic signals, which then alter its behaviour. What’s more, DNA also has loops within loops, which means it can pick up electromagnetic signals in multiple frequencies.

Fractal antennae are used in the telecommunications industry because such a design enables an antenna to be compact and also be able to respond to multiple frequencies. Traditional antennae were usually designed, and built, to pick up a narrow range of signals, which was often all that was needed. In the modern world of complex multi-band transmission, fractal antennae are a very tempting, space-saving and multi-tasking alternative.

There are many thought-provoking potential consequences to our DNA being fractal antennae. For starters, as the above paper mentions, there are ‘published reports of increased stress protein levels and DNA strand breaks due to EMF interactions, both of which are indicative of DNA damage.’ In other words, there’s evidence that our DNA is very sensitive to e/m signals and will actually suffer damage if the wrong signals are beamed at it. There is an awful lot of radio-frequency traffic in our world today, particular from wireless or phone masts, and there’s evidence that it’s not good for biological organisms, as this science paper states. To be honest, the logical thing to do would be to develop a full understanding of radio-frequency signals on the DNA of living creatures first, and then stick up masts everywhere, but that’s clearly not happening.

There is another thought-provoking consequence to the above paper, something that no one has talked about yet, as far as I know. According to the science paper mentioned at the beginning of this article, DNA is surprisingly good at picking up RF and ELF signals and then altering its own functioning as a result. Not surprisingly, hitting DNA with crude or random RF signals of high intensity will trigger damage within the DNA. This is a lot like hitting a set of skilfully arrange tuning forks with very loud notes of random frequency. A lot of the time nothing will happen and some of the time a fork will overload and smash to bits.

But what if we knew exactly what RF signals to send? If that was the case, we could beam a host of carefully chosen RF signals at the DNA and it wouldn’t just do nothing, or break. Would it instead play like a musical instrument? Would it alter its genetic information in a specific way? Would it produce specific proteins, neurotransmitters or perhaps even viruses?

In order to answer this question, it’s worth remembering that electromagnetic antennae both receive and send; its part of their design. Therefore, since DNA strands are fractal antennae of radio-frequency, electromagnetic radiation, they’re constantly receiving and sending radio-frequency signals all the time. This means that our bodies, and the bodies of all living creatures, must be a sea of radio-frequency radiation, passing to and from DNA chromosomes.

Biologists have wondered for decades how organisms knows how to organise their internal structure. For example, how does a developing foetus know where its liver should go, or how many livers it should have, or what size they should be? If cells are constantly receiving and sending radio-frequency signals, this could help explain how they organise as a group. In truth, it still seems that a non-physical template must be required, as Rupert Sheldrake has pointed out, or an animating influence, such as Aristotle’s ‘Active Intellect’, but continual electromagnetic signals would certainly help the process along.

This idea of light-signalling being a fundamental part of cellular behaviour was investigated by the scientist Fritz Albert-Popp; he produces some very interesting results, as I've mentioned in my article on homeopathy. The Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier also discovered that bacteria seemed to be able to communicate and influence disease through electromagnetic radiation, as described in this pdf article. His theory also seems to fit with the DNA fractal antenna theory. Note in the accompanying diagram on Montagnier's work that it is ELF or extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves that seem to be transmitting DNA information. These same waves were noted in the paper at the start of this article as being one of the wavelengths that DNA responds to as a fractal antenna.

Unfortunately, although biochemistry has been a huge area in modern science since the War, biophysics is still a fringe area and, for a long time, it has been ignored and often categorised as a suspect or crank area of study, and so little work has been done.

But if radio-frequency signalling between DNA strands is a fundamental part of cell functioning, then we should be able to make huge changes to cellular activity in any living creature simply by sending the right radio-frequency signals. If we knew exactly what RF signals to send, we could send signals would make DNA alter its genetic structure and behaviour in a specific way. This is an amazing idea. We could signal DNA to alter its structure, could produce specific proteins, neurotransmitters and perhaps even viruses. As a result, anyone who understood fully what signals to send could develop a full list of DNA-RF signals; they would be able to play God. They could fire a complex RF signal at a target species and change that species in any way they liked.

If such an ability is possible, then a second question rears its ugly head; has an advanced civilisation already done this?

In an article I wrote many years ago, I explained that the Sirius Red Controversy, the strange matter of the star Sirius flaming red in Classical Times, occurred because a civilisation around the star Sirius, or possibly its stellar partner, Sirius B, had fired a laser beam at Earth.

At first reading, such an idea sounds crazy, but in fact it is scientifically fine and it does fit the accounts written down at the time. Many ancient historians at that time reported that Sirius flamed red, and they also stated that the flamings of Sirius were accompanied by epidemics and wars. In my article, I concluded that the laser beam from Sirius must have contained viruses that had been propelled through space in some way. It was these viruses that had caused the epidemics.

But that idea may have been partly wrong. If it’s possible to send radio-frequency signals that can change DNA-behaviour and thereby cellular behaviour etc, then there’s actually no need to send physical viruses on a laser beam. This would mean that the laser beam from Sirius could have included radio-frequency signals of very specific wavelengths. These RF signals caused the DNA changes of living creatures on Earth through DNA’s RF-fractal-antenna structure. Therefore, the light alone, sent from Sirius, could have triggered DNA changes in people on Earth that produced disease-like symptoms.

The possibility that the laser beam from Sirius contained DNA-altering electromagnetic signals is supported by one reported aspect of the ancient ‘flaming dog star’ events. Chroniclers wrote that dogs seemed to have been affected by the ’flames’ of Sirius as well as humans. This would seem to indicate that the RF signals from Sirius were targeting DNA shared by dogs and humans. This would make sense, since only a tiny proportion of human DNA is specific to humans. It’s very likely that any DNA-RF signal from Sirius that was configured to change humans would also affect other mammals, such as dogs. For completeness sake, it’s worth mentioning the other possibility, that the signals from Sirius were designed to alter dogs and we suffered the side-effects, but I’m guessing we were the main target.

Another reported aspect of the ancient ‘flaming dog star’ events was that wars broke out after each ‘flaming’ of Sirius. If the two phenomena were connected, then the most logical conclusion would seem to be that those DNA-changing RF signals from Sirius made our ancestors more violent. Then again, there is another possibility; that the signals altered many of us and made us less willingly to be subjugated. Both scenarios would cause strife. The first would be simply down to higher aggression, but the second would be due to the overlords of that era having to violently suppress civil insurrection. Both seem feasible. Did the flaming of Sirius alter human brains?

An important scientific paper in recent years showed that the many very specific DNA changes required to create Homo Sapiens from Homo Habilis could not have occurred naturally in the time allowed, through evolution. There simply hasn’t been enough time for all the required DNA changes needed for us to be homo sapiens to have happened through evolution-by-random-mutation. A vast amount more time would have been needed. Many people think that we were engineered by ‘gods’ on Earth. This is certainly possible and there’s a lot of evidence to support it, but it would also seem that radio-frequency signals from outside Earth could have also played a part.

If all the above is true, then a new question pops up: Is an advanced civilisation going to try and alter us in the future with complex RF-signals, in the same way that a civilisation around Sirius seems to have done two millennia ago?

To be honest, considering how we’re treating our planet at the moment, along with our massive nuclear arsenal, poised and ready to fire, it would be hardly surprising if an advanced alien race decided that another modification of us lot would be needed, along with a serious reduction in our numbers. What’s more, they’d probably want to do it sooner rather than later. Everything going on on our planet at the moment points to a future on Earth that will be dark, violent and lethal. Storms, droughts, crop failures and floods will create refugees which will create far-right politics, which will then create wars and so on. It looks very bleak.

It’s therefore interesting to note that the Hopi tribe of the Western United States have predicted that we will soon experience several phenomena as part of the End Times, and that some of these phenomena point to alien intervention.

Firstly, the Hopi say that we will soon witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Pohanghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his brother Palongawhoya is the Guardian of the South Pole. As I explain in my Gobekli Tepe article, the movement of Polaris on to our celestial north pole may be what they are referring to. An ancient Mesopotamian legend states that when ‘the Fox gnaws at the rope of Heaven, our world will come crashing down’. As far as I can work out, Polaris is the Fox and the Rope of Heaven is our celestial north pole, around which the Heavens turn. If that’s correct, then the Mesopotamian legend is warning us that our world will come crashing down imminently. In this way, the Hopi warning of Pohanghoya is the same as the Mesopotamian warning of the Fox and the Rope of Heaven.

Secondly, the Hopi say that a blue star will appear in our skies, the blue star Kachina. This event may be part of a burst of energy from our galactic centre that occurs every 12,900 years. Dr LaViolette explains in his book ‘Earth Under Fire' that this blue ‘star’ may be the Ultra Violet and X-ray emissions from that periodic energy burst. At the forefront of this periodic energy burst is a gravity wave. According to LaViolette, this periodic gravity wave event has entrained the axial rotation of our planet; its made the axis of our planet complete a cycle once every 25,800 years. This is an elegant idea, as it neatly explains why our zodiacal procession is associated with periodic disasters in our legends and stories. They're there because the gravity wave bursts that come with those periodic disasters have actually created the zodiacal procession, the Great Year of 25,800 years.

The last time we received this burst of gravity wave and energy, according to LaViolette, occurred 12,900 years ago. It caused the Younger Dryas Impact event. As I've explained in my Sphinx article, our ancient civilisations have left a warning of this event and its connection with the zodiacal ages.

The third phenomenon that the Hopi say will occur in the End Times is the appearance of the Red Kachina, the Purifier. ‘From the Purifier will issue forth a Great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being… These messages will be found upon every living thing, even within our bodies, even within a drop of our blood… When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small, red star, which will come very close and sit in our Heavens, watching us.’

The above description does sound similar to the flaming of Sirius and the epidemics it was said to cause. It even makes a specific reference that the Red Star will change our 'manner of being', even down to 'a drop of our blood'. This seems an uncannily accurate description of a comprehensive change to our DNA. Does that mean that we, as a species, are soon going to get another DNA change from space? The Hopi make it clear in their prediction that those who are strong in spirit, who are still connected to the Earth, will survive whereas the weak in spirit will go crazy or perish. This would be in line with an advanced alien plan to reduce our numbers and alter us as a species to stop the ecological destruction of our planet.

Will it actually happen? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. For thoughts on exactly when it will happen, please see my article on 'Predictions of our Future'.