Climate change - We're now in Survival Earth

I haven't talked about climate change recently on this website because I don't want to moan or get all self-righteous or just bore everyone (which is very easy to do on the subject of climate change!) To be honest, there is vast amounts of evidence available to show that our planet is warming dangerously and that it's down to all the fossil fuels we're burning; that fact is based on very simple physics. It's also clear what we need to do reduce its effect; stop burning fossil fuels, eat less meat and do our utmost to curb and eventually reduce our population. It's all pretty straightforward.

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But it's also clear that the people in power in the Western World (as in corporations and the super-rich, not the politicians) have no interest in stopping climate change. Based on a rational analysis of their actions through the media and government, they actually seem to want climate change to happen. This sounds barmy but it does match the huge efforts and money spent by elite figures on rubbishing climate change science in the media. What exactly is the agenda in the boardrooms and wealthy retreats? Are they only interested in their wealth? Are the quietly building their own survival bunkers or funding a Space Ark as mentioned in the Alternative 3 documentary? Are they all religious fundamentalists planning to erase the planet of heathens and re-populate it with the Chosen Ones in some kind of Nazi v2 Liebensraum with added Biblical Apocalypse? It's hard to say. I think, but it is logical to conclude, based on the behaviour of the ultra-rich and the general tribal nature of humanity, that they won't care too much about the rest of us once they're in their secure bunker/habitat/orbiting station. In the end, whatever they do, it'll be disastrous for all us ordinary people.

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The reason I'm blogging about climate change today (and trying not to get lost in a despairing rant) is because there's a very good article from Bill McKibben in the Guardian newspaper. McKibben is a veteran of the climate change issue and founded the website. McKibben explains in his article that we need to stop thinking about the threat of climate change. He makes it clear that there is no threat that climate change will occur. Instead, climate change is already underway. We are now in a world that has a different climate from the one our parents, grandparents and everyone else after the time our ancestors staggered out of the last ice age. It is wrong to keep reporting a new record in drought level, storm strength, temperature peak etc etc, week in, week out without admitting that we now exist in a climate that has been ramped up to a new level of intensity and danger by the warming gases we've pumped into the air. Our heatwaves and storms are become so extreme that our weather reporters need new colour codes to identify their peak levels (such as in the recent Australian drought and the rainfall levels of Hurricane Harvey). It's as if someone's pressed the fast forward button on our Global Path to Meltdown. Things are getting Biblical at a furious rate.

To put it bluntly, we've now left the Nurturing Earth era and entered the Survival Earth era. We're living on a planet that is becoming rapidly extremely hostile to us and it will soon only be able to support a small fraction of our current population. I don't say this to be a gleeful doom-monger, I say it because as many people as possible need to say it to push our societies and our governments to do as much as possible about our desperate situation. Perhaps if the internet became filled with people declaring their concerns for the future of their children, grandchildren and everyone in the human race, positive actions would happen; here's hoping.