Bill and Ted 3!!

As a bit of light relief in between blogs about our grim future, I wanted to talk about something totally amazing (possibly) that might happen soon; Bill and Ted 3!

I have always been a fan of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, which is definitely one of my all-time favourite movies, as well as Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. They came out nearly thirty years ago but Bogus Journey is still as fun now as it was when it first appeared. Now, supposedly (unless it gets delayed again), there will finally be a third Bill and Ted movie. Here's a quick trailer from the guys:

What I especially loved about Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey wasn't its fun, imagination and energy but its positivity. In the two films, Bill and Ted's peace and friendship message becomes a template for a future society on Earth where everyone is excellent to each other, and it actually sounds like quite a good place to be. The clothes in that future society are very whacky but otherwise, I'd be happy to live there. Unlike so much stuff that comes out of Hollywood (and is even more the case nowadays than when the movies were made), Bill and Ted's message was fun and friendly. There was no destroying anyone you don't like, or believing that the mightiest wins, but just two fun guys outwitting an enemy who's more bitter than evil. I wish more films had that approach.

I've already talked on this website about the wonderful science-fiction movie 'Galaxy Quest' and it seems that Bill and Ted 3 will be directed by the same man that directed that movie. Nice! Unfortunately, it's worth noting that the path between a film 'ready to go' and a film actually ending up in our cinemas is a fraught process, so I'll try not to get too excited about 'Bill and Ted Face the Music' actually getting made. Also, Bill and Ted as fifty-year-olds takes some mental adjustment, but I'm fifty now so it may feel warm and familiar, possibly. It still sounds good. Here's another short video where they discuss their plans:

For anyone who hasn't seen 'Bill and Ted' Bogus Journey', I heartily recommend it. Excellent! :-)