Big Premonition Experiment - Update

It's now the 12th of January and it looks as if my vivid dream's prediction of an explosion/eruption and a large cloud of black smoke in the first few days of 2019 isn't going to happen, which is a huge relief. When I read in late December that Anak Krakatoa and Mount Etna were both active, and that Anak Krakatoa had created a devastating tsunami, I was very worried that a huge eruption would take place. Fortunately, it hasn't.

What does this say about my vivid dream? So far, it would seem that the dream was just a dream. Some readers might point out that I had the dream a year-and-a-half ago and that the timing of a volcanic eruption is chaotic in nature. In other words, that small shifts over time in weather systems, acting upon each other, could alter when a destruction occurs; the so-called 'Butterfly Effect'. This would mean that the time of an eruption is fundamentally unknowable, even using psi-awareness, until close to when it actually happens. I don't know if that's true. Personally, I am defaulting to a conservative viewpoint. Unless new evidence arises, I'm concluding that my dream wasn't prescient.

Unfortunately, I don't think this lets us off the hook in terms of the likelihood of a future disaster. Climate change now seems unstoppable, according to all the scientific evidence. We should definitely therefore be planning how we're going to survive on an inhospitable Earth. We need to start constructing protective environments for ourselves and our crops, not necessarily to survive in immediately, but part of a long-term development of our survival strategy.

There is also the big issue of the Celestial Bombardment Theory. As I've explained in my Gobekli Tepi article, as well as in my Predictions of the Future article and as part of my review of Dr LaViolette's book 'Earth Under Fire' and my article on the Sphinx, there is an awful lot of evidence to indicate that the centre of our galaxy produces a wave of gravity, energy and matter every 12,900 years. This gravity-energy-matter wave has entrained the axial precession of our planet, which is why disasters are inextricably linked with our zodiacal ages. It's why our ancient civilisation seem to have made a huge effort to warn us that disaster strikes at the beginning of the ages of Leo and Aquarius. Worryingly for us, as the musical states, 'this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius', which puts us squarely in the time for the next bombardment.

Unlike Collins and Hancock's periodic comet theory, LaViolette's periodic gravity-energy-matter burst theory is causally linked with celestial precession. These periodic gravity bursts from the centre of our galaxy have entrained our planet's axial movement and so it's natural that the disasters occur at specific points in our planet's axial movement, specifically the two points are when our planet's axis is facing in line, either forwards or backwards, with the source of the gravity-energy waves. These are the stable node points which aren't disrupted by the gravity wave's passage. Graham Hancock, in his recent Magicians of the Gods book, does use a different theory, but he comes up with the same rough date, that a celestial disaster will occur between 1960 and 2040.

Therefore, even if my vivid dream was just a dream, we've still got big problems coming our way. Also, even if the celestial cataclysm predicted by Laviolette and Hancock never arrives in this century, we will still be suffering climate-change Apocalypse by 2100, if not much sooner. I have a strong suspicion that powerful groups have known this outcome for a long time and they've been preparing for it since 1959, for a variety of reasons, but I'm pretty sure they're not going to be inviting the rest of us into their shelters. We will therefore almost certainly have to survive this collapse as individuals or in small groups. Time, I think, for us to do some prepping.