www.adrianellis.co.uk - progress report

Here's the latest progress with the strange situation regarding my website 'www.adrianellis.co.uk'. The situation is… that it hasn't changed; it's still strange. There's been no response to my request for clarification from the web hosting provider. Neither has there been any progress in my request to transfer the domain name to another provider. I asked a unix administrator friend of mine to check if I'd made any mistakes with my investigations. He examined my data, conducted the trace routes, digs and whois with me, and confirmed that yes, my website www.adrianellis.co.uk is now associated with an IP address owned by a US cyber-defence contractor. Although I do have a computer science degree, I wanted a second opinion and he was happy to help. To be honest, after finding out who owned the IP address, he seemed remarkably disinterested in investigating further, but he probably thought he'd done enough work as a friendly favour! ;-)

I'll keep trying to move the website to an IP that I do seem to have control over. If I make any progress, I'll post the news on this blog.