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Important note

A few months ago, something strange happened to my website As far as I can tell, control of it was transferred from my hosting provider to a U.S. cyber-defence company. When I ran a traceroute unix command, it showed that the I.P. address associated with my site now belongs to them. I asked a unix administrator friend of mine to double-check and he agreed with my analysis. Suffice it to say, this is odd. When I requested a transfer of the domain to a new provider, I was told on the existing web provider's control panel that my domain name didn't exist! As a result of these weird events, I've switched to a new web provider and new domain names and I've asked my previous web provider to explain what's going on with but I've received no reply.

It's all very strange. The transfer seemed to occur a month after my most recent anomalies article, which was about predictions of our future. The article included a description of a dream I had, in which a massive volcanic eruption occurs in the Cascade mountain range in the United States in June 2019, a scenario broadly in line with a military remote viewing report described in Jim Marrs' book 'Psi Spies'. Although I'm only regarding that dream as a thought-provoking experience at the moment, perhaps it's touched a nerve? If that's true, then maybe it's more than just a strange dream. Beyond that, I've no idea.

I'll keep trying to get redirected to this site. If I do, I'll let everyone know on this page.

Best Regards, Adrian Ellis
28th April 2018
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Latest blog: Climate Change scientists thoughts on the future - A short video article from ABC News in Australia. I think it's worth watching.
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Hello and welcome! This website contains my fiction (science-fiction and graphic-art) and non-fiction (science and history articles and books). Non-fiction topics include the Great Pyramid, Evolution and tailored viruses, the Sirius Red Controversy. Tryptamines, Homeopathy, Ancient Astral Secrets and other esoteric topics. Check out the theories pages for a full list.

As you can see from the list of topics, I do delve into controversial areas but all the theories are based on solid evidence, scientific principles and sound logic. I haven’t deliberately made them odd, it’s just a natural side-effect of trying to think afresh about a subject and accept the experimental evidence. As a very logically-minded person once said:
Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
Bertrand Russell
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I've completed a third-person version of my science-fiction novel 'The Amber Robots of Loving Death'. Hooray! :-) The novel is for adults and I'd describe it as accessible, fun, thought-provoking, funny science fiction. I'm also working on a first-person version, as I think that might work even better. If you'd like to read the first three chapters of the third-person version, here they are as a sample pdf file. I haven't got a publisher for it yet but I'll keep everyone posted as to progress. Here's the first three paragraphs of the third-person version:

One million years ago, in the Western Spiral Arm of the Milky Way, there was a beautiful solar system consisting of a golden sun, circled by ten majestic planets. On the system’s third planet lived a race called the Floo. They were highly advanced and had reached the stage in their development where they no longer cared about technology. Instead, they spent their days thinking deeply about about life, the universe and the very nature of existence.

After a century of thought, the Floo came to a sobering conclusion; life was fundamentally about suffering. To exist was to feel pain, cold, hurt, loneliness, heartache and misery. As the Floo were a compassionate and caring species, they were very upset at this state of affairs. They wanted to end that suffering and help all creatures enduring such torment. Eventually, after much discussion and analysis, they decided what they needed to do; kill everyone.

The Floo went over their reasoning many times, but they could see no flaw in their logic. If they truly cared about the endless suffering of all other living creatures, they should do their best to limit that suffering as much as possible, by ending all life in the universe. They therefore built ten-thousand highly-advanced, near-invulnerable machines known as the Amber Robots of Loving Death, all equipped to travel rapidly through the galaxy, annihilating all life as they went, while doing it in as caring and painless a way as possible. The Floo did accept that some living creatures might not actually want to be killed by homicidal mechanoids, and so they programmed their robots to only kill unhappy people. Unfortunately, this didn’t help much as once everyone in the galaxy had heard about the Amber Robots of Loving Death, the sight of one approaching invariably make the person concerned feel very unhappy indeed, which was exactly the wrong way to be.

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I also have a non-fiction book available to buy at the moment entitled ‘How science shows that almost everything important we’ve been told is wrong’ (click on the link to go to its page). It includes several of the ideas described on this website. It can be purchased directly from the FeedaRead website, priced at £7.99 plus postage. It is also available to order from major booksellers. Its ISBN-13 number is: 9781786970916. It is now also available as kindle ebook (but without the ancient history chapter) for £2.29 or for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
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I’ve also completed a graphic novel entitled ‘The Great Secret’ which is available on Kindle. I’d like to create a new version of the story because I am still pleased with the first version but it was my first graphic novel and it’s a bit rough in places. Here’s some sample pages:
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Here’s a list of the odd but intriguing articles I’ve put on this website. Click on their icons to go to the full article. At first glance, most of them will sound odd but as I’ve mentioned at the beginning of this page, I think they only seem strange because we’re encouraged from a very early age to believe one official story and avoid everything else. Fortunately, science and logic give us the tools and approach to study evidence and work out what actually is true, not what is believable or said to be officially correct by our peers.

Laser transmission from Sirius

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Why did the Dogstar Sirius, brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere and blue-white in colour, suddenly turn red and fiery during the era of Ancient Greece? How did it go red and then back to white again, for centuries? Why was its ‘flaring’ associated with epidemics and war throughout the Ancient World?

Ancient Astral Secrets

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Why are the Greek mythical stories so strange in their style of prose and content? Is it because they weren’t stories in the normal sense but Method of Loci (or Memory Palace) stories, designed so that the reciter of the story remembers a lot of detailed information about a particular subject? Were they Method of Loci stories to store information about star systems?

Evolution and tailored viruses

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Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution explains how species have evolved through random selection, through their genes being randomly altered and this change enabling them to evolve and develop. But evolution through random selection is an extremely slow process, far too slow to explain many stages in the development of important species on our planet, including ourselves. What if tailored viruses have been altering our genes instead?

The Influence Idea

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Quantum Physics makes it clear that nothing really exists until it is observed but in Western Society, only physical things are said to exist, so what is doing the observing? This is a paradox that mainstream science currently can’t explain. What’s more, it also can’t explain paradoxes relating to the Big Bang and the way Life defies the Law of Entropy. Is there a way of looking at ourselves and reality that solves these paradoxes?

The Tryptamine Key

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According to our scientists and religious leaders, the reality we see before us is the only reality; there is nothing else. And yet we experience another reality when we sleep. Also, many people have described very vivid realities they have experienced when taking DMT and Psilocybin. By strange coincidence, all these experienced-realities involve a particular type of molecule being dominant in our brains, the tryptamines. Is there a link between tryptamine and the realities we experience?

Equivalence and stars

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Many years ago, astronomers discovered that the stars in our galaxy are orbiting the centre of our galaxy much faster than they should, at least according to Einstein’s Relativity. To explain this discrepancy, cosmologists have concluded that there is vast amounts of matter in our universe that we can’t see, so-called Dark Matter. But repeated experiments have failed to detect any dark matter. Does this mean that this ‘conjuring trick’ is simply showing us that key assumption in physics are wrong?

The Great Pyramid and 2787 BC

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The Great Pyramid is an enigma but certain things are clear; it was built to a great level of precision and one of the shafts leading from its central chamber points directly at the celestial north pole, the only place in our heavens where a star can stay still. Why was the pyramid built this way? Was it to do with the very explanation given by the Ancient Egyptian as to the Great Pyramid’s purpose, to send the soul of their pharaoh to the stars?

Ghosts, blood and capacitors

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To solve the paradox of Entropy and Life existing together, we need to accept that non-physical entities (such as our own conscious selves) exist and influence physical reality. But this also means, logically, that ghosts exist too, since they are influencing minds without physical bodies. This fact leads to all sorts of strange but fascinating consequences, including one involving a very important ancient individual. To put it simply, what was the real purpose of the Ark of the Covenant?

Predictions of our future

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Our modern society officially regards all non-physical activity as impossible, including any ability to see remote places, sense friends’ situations, know we’re being stared at etc. And yet our very reality has to be a mind-influenced construction, according to quantum physics. If we do have the ability to sense remote events in space and time, should we be using them to view our own future and act upon what we see?
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Readers might also like to check out my graphic short stories, a few of which are on this website, such as Enduring Love and the Serial Samaritan. You can also click on the images to go to the appropriate page:
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